'How distasteful on your part': '90 Day Fiance' star Angela Deem slammed as she likens herself to late Tina Turner

'How distasteful on your part': '90 Day Fiance' star Angela Deem slammed as she likens herself to late Tina Turner
Angela Deem slammed as she shares video of her image with Tina Turner's (GettyImages/MEGA/DaveHogan)

HAZLEHURST, GEORGIA: Angela Deem, star of '90 Day Fiancé,' is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Fans were outraged when the Georgia native likened herself to the late rock 'n' roll diva Tina Turner while honoring the late singer.

Tina Turner, whose volcanic voice and powerful dance movements won her the title of Queen of Rock 'n' Roll throughout a 60-year career, has died at the age of 83. The iconic singer died on Wednesday, May 24, at her home in Zurich, Switzerland, after a protracted illness, her spokesman Bernard Doherty said in a statement. The American-born singer had been residing in Switzerland with her husband, German actor, and music producer Erwin Bach, since 1994, and gained Swiss citizenship in 2013. She had a series of major health issues in recent years, including a stroke, intestinal cancer, and kidney failure that necessitated an organ transplant.


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'What's Love Got to Do with It'

On May 25, Angela took to Instagram to pay tribute to the late singer. In her video, Tine and Angela’s faces are in split mode, and via a filter, the latter turns herself into a Queen of Rock doppelganger. She captioned the post, "R.I.P QUEEN_OF_ROCK_AND_ROLL." She used the song 'What's Love Got to Do with It' by the Queen herself along with the video. Fans were startled to see Angela attempting to compare herself to such a great figure and chastised her for it.

'Ultra disrespectful and classless'

Slamming Angela for her antics, one person commented under the video, "Don’t disrespect her like that. How incredibly distasteful on your part." Another person chimed in, "No no Tina was an incredible, respectful women. Don't even compare yourself to her." Referring to her earlier stunt where she did the same but this time only with Whitney Houston's picture, a follower wrote, "Still making it about u 😞." A fourth user commented, "DO NOT EVEN COMPARE YOURSELF TO TINA TURNER! 😡.


Given the post came just a day after Tina's death, one user wrote, "Too soon… Tina Turner has just passed & her family is in mourning & this is just in bad timing & bad taste." Another person added, "Ultra disrespectful and classless. Though I’m not surprised. You wouldn’t know class if it slapped you in the face SMH. Rest in peace #tinaturner simply the best." Further calling out the TLC star, one person wrote, "Seriously 😒 this is so disrespectful to Tina and you black facing yourself too! Wtf 🤬." One other person felt the same as they write, "is blackface acceptable now? no, didn’t think so. in the UK this is completely unacceptable and could be treated as a hate crime. i don’t think it’s actually any different in the USA. this is disrespectful, disgusting and offensive."

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 'Don’t disrespect her': '90 Day Fiance' fans slam Angela Deem's 'distasteful' tribute to Tina Turner