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Angela Deem screams and swears while getting botox, '90 Day Fiance' fans slam her for 'overreacting'

As Dr Jennifer DiLandro approaches Angela, she lets out a loud screech followed by an incoherent string of curses
’90 Day Fiance’ star Angela Deem was trolled for her antics at the doctor's office while getting botox (YouTube/TLC)
’90 Day Fiance’ star Angela Deem was trolled for her antics at the doctor's office while getting botox (YouTube/TLC)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Angela Deem has been sporting a bandage on her face in recent social media images, which '90 Day Fiancé' fans may have noticed. But soon after hearing her scream and curse in one of her new videos where she films behind-the-scenes from her Botox session, fans are now asking her to grow up.

Angela took her '90 Day Fiancé' fans along her Botox journey in her Instagram posts. During the previous season of the TLC spin-off, Angela received a shocking full-body makeover when all she wanted to do was lose weight. Angela desired to live longer for her grandchildren and to seem younger for her then-Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Michael may not have given Angela permission to undergo plastic surgery, but she did undergo a gastric sleeve treatment, as well as a breast reduction and liposuction, which resulted in a 100-pound weight loss transformation.


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'Going much better believe it or not'

Angela recently visited New York, not to shoot a reunion, but to beautify her face. On May 3, Dolce Aesthetics of New York posted a video to their Instagram feed, tagging the TLC star. "I have to say Botox with @deemangela is going much better believe it or not!" they captioned the video. Why the skepticism, you may ask? It is due to all the cursing and screaming that the viewers had to endure in the short clip. As Dr Jennifer DiLandro approaches Angela, who is terrified but not new to Botox, she lets out a loud screech followed by an incoherent string of curses.

On the second needle, she pretends to pass out and requests mouth-to-mouth, making everyone in the room, but especially herself, giggle. During the procedure, Angela compares the sensation to a "urinary tract infection, like passing stones." While the expert standing beside her disagrees, saying, "This is not that bad." However, both the doctor and the patient end the video with a dance routine.


'Save your money! It’s not working'

Her followers rushed to comment on the post with one common question, "Why the hell do you have to be so loud?" Calling her out on her theatrics a follower wrote, "Omg...I get Botox very often and it doesn't hurt...give me a break! Total overreaction! Grow TF up!" One shady comment read,  "Botox will not help her." A fourth person added, "She needs a facelift not Botox. Not being mean but it’s the truth."

Calling her "attention seeker", one wrote, "Honestly this behavior of yours goes far beyond hillbilly behavior it's absolutely ridiculous. You're very attention seeking and it's not a good look on you." While others took the opportunity to throw a jab at all her work, "Save your money! It’s not working." One user reminded her, "Um…it’s not supposed to hurt. It’s not filler. Wtf?!?" Another person wrote, "Quit smoking ..age gracefully."

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