Who is Andrew Rodriguez? Drunk Texas man crashes Lamborghini at 141 mph, kills moped rider

A 58-year-old man from Las Vegas was killed in the crash caused by the overspeeding Lamborghini driven by Rodriguez

                            Who is Andrew Rodriguez? Drunk Texas man crashes Lamborghini at 141 mph, kills moped rider
Andrew James Rodriguez was driving a Lamborghini 141 mph in a 45 mph zone when he crashed into a moped rider (Clark County Detention Center)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: The driver of a Lamborghini was speeding at 141 mph in a 45 mph zone two seconds before slamming into the back of a moped and killing its rider over the weekend on June 5. A witness to this fatal car crash reportedly said that the vehicle was moving so fast that her car shook. 

The 33-year old cryptocurrency investor, Andrew James Rodriguez, was arrested following the crash on Saturday, June 5, 2021, near Russell Road and Rogers Street in Las Vegas, Nevada. He reportedly faces charges of DUI resulting in death, reckless driving and driving without a driver's license. Lamborghini cars are notorious for their speed and quite a lot of fatal incidents have occurred as a result of drivers not knowing how to tame its speed. This instance has a few similarities to the case of 17-year-old Brendan Khuri, the son of LA millionaire James Khuri, who was driving a $200K Lamborghini when he crashed into Monique Munoz.


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Who is Andrew James Rodriguez?

Native El Pasoan Andrew James Rodriguez likes to call himself a "multi six-figure earner". He was visiting from El Paso, Texas, where he lives, according to police. Rodriguez was driving the Lamborghini car at 141mph in a 45mph zone when he hit and killed a moped driver in Las Vegas. 

In a Facebook video posted just the night before the fatal accident of the big night out, he and his friends were celebrating his birthday. The very next night, he'd killed someone by slamming a car into a 58-year-old on a moped. According to reports, he did not even own that car. 

"We are kings of the desert, ay!" he said on a balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. "My birthday bash, guys, is gonna be lit-ty"

He has since been released on $750,000 bail. 

In the video, Rodriguez continued to brag about riches that he claims he has earned through cryptocurrency trading as he shows off a multi-level, lavish apartment that he'd apparently rented for the weekend. "Oh my god, dude, this is insane in the membrane," he said during the video tour of the rented space. "What's up bud? You know the vibes, bro. I was looking at myself, man. I'm so sorry," he was saying about the bathroom in the house.

What happened that day?

According to the latest reports, on June 5, 2021, just about 24 hours later, Rodriguez exited the wreckage of a $300,000 2017 Lamborghini Huracan that he was driving and told a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer, "I just killed someone." Rodriguez had hit 58-year-old local resident Walter Anderson on Russell Road at Rogers Street at 11.50 pm. 

Anderson was on a moped. Police said that Rodriguez had allegedly been drinking because his eyes were watery and bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol.

According to reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Rodriguez had slowed his car from 141 to 127 mph before the impact, but it was too late. He had hit the moped so hard that it remained stuck under the front of the Lamborghini.

Apparently, at the time of the crash, Rodriguez was driving with a passenger who told officers that they were on a joyride with friends in another Lamborghini and all headed to a party. Rodriguez's two friends in another Lamborghini who were driving alongside him, witnessed the crash. According to the Review-Journal, Rodriguez sped away from them before the crash. They haven't been named. In addition to that, Rodriguez's passenger said he was going "pretty fast," according to a police report, but she claimed that she didn't know he had been drinking. 

As per the reports, Rodriguez claims he is an investor in 'crypto automation' through the platform iGenius. On his Facebook page, his bio reads, "Crypto automation. Multiple 6 figure earner. iGenius".

"If you wanna do this stuff that we do, you just gotta do crypto automation," he said in the video posted to Facebook the night before the accident. It seems as though Rodriguez was selling a lifestyle online. 

Arrested and booked

According to the latest reports, Rodriguez was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and was released on $750,000 bail under the conditions that he never drives again and submits to alcohol monitoring, according to court records. Rodriguez was also charged with driving without a valid driver's license. 

According to Fox 5, he is not the registered owner of the Minnesota vehicle. It isn't clear who owns the car either. 

Rodriguez had not had a criminal complaint filed against him in the case as of Wednesday, June 9, according to the Review-Journal. 

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