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Michaela Cuomo: Andrew Cuomo's daughter's MicLovesMe Etsy store takes wellness world by storm

Andrew Cuomo's youngest daughter Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo's Etsy store MicLovesMe is a spiritually-focused online shop featuring healing products
Michaela Cuomo's Etsy store is a huge hit among wellness enthusiasts (@michaelakennedycuomo and @miclovesme/Instagram)
Michaela Cuomo's Etsy store is a huge hit among wellness enthusiasts (@michaelakennedycuomo and @miclovesme/Instagram)

Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo's Etsy store MicLovesMe is everything spiritual people are obsessed with. It is a spiritually-focused online shop featuring healing products like magic candles, healing jewellery, vulva paintings, etc., almost all of which are currently sold out. 

The 24-year-old, who is the youngest daughter of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, has sold at least $11,000 in merchandise through MicLovesMe since its launch in 2020, giving Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money.


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Michaela with father Andrew Cuomo (L) and with mother Kerry Kennedy (R) (Spencer Platt/Getty Images and @michaelakennedycuomo/Instagram)

Michaela, who identifies herself as a queer, seems to have found her identity and her love for spiritual and healing objects through her artwork. She discovered her place in the same spiritual wellness market that helped Gwyneth Paltrow build her $250-million Goop empire. The MicLovesMe Etsy shop has had a total of 442 sales and an average review rating of five-out-of-five stars since it launched nearly two years ago.

Product details on MicLovesMe online store. (MicLovesMe/Etsy)

Sold-out items on MicLovesMe include $44 candle magic kits, $33 resin rings, $66 opal 'grounding' bracelet, and 'Divine Yoni Wall Art', $77.77 acrylic vulva painting with sequins and glitter. Michaela explained in the painting's description that it was "priced at $77.77 because 7777 signifies wisdom, intuition, great intellect, and success.Your guardian angel through this number assures you that you are on the right path to success."


'Shower Meditation Art' and 'Mantra Meditation Art', both of which are selling for $2.22 apiece, are her most demanded items now. Another expensive item featured in the store was a $88 'Angel's Breath Clutch' made out of resin and flowers, including rose buds to "calm the spirit" and lavender that "brings peace".

The Brown University graduate shared a photo of the wall art on the MicLovesMe Instagram page in November, explaining, "Creating this artwork was an exercise for me in reclaiming and redefining my power portal."


The 24-year-old wrote on her Etsy page, "Each item is intentionally designed to nurture our inner magic and comes accompanied by a description of the item's healing powers, along with a guided meditation on how to accelerate your manifestation."

"The single connector between all humans is that we are each unique. Mic Loves Me imitates the individuality that bridges us all by creating only one-of-a-kind specialty objects. Above all, MicLovesMe is created to empower healing and spread love," she added.

During the pandemic, she sold $30 beaded bracelets with sayings like "Mask Up, Buttercup" and "NY Tough", her father's state motto when he was in office at the time.

As of Monday morning, February 21, 2022, the only item that was available in the store was a $5.55 10-minute guided meditation that is "ideal to begin, conclude, or reenergize any time of day."


Michaela has received several five-star reviews for her art and jewelry as well as gushing comments from fans of her guided meditation. 

"I recently purchased this meditation. I was skeptical at first because I haven't ordered anything from this site before. But now I am glad I have found this," one Etsy shopper wrote. "TY Mic. You have a great gift for this."

"It is excellent and I will listen to it again," someone else added. "Thank you Michaela! It is beautiful!" another one wrote.