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Who was Andre Marcus Bing? Chesapeake Walmart manager, 31, went on shooting spree before killing himself

Andre Bing 'entered the break room and started firing at workers', a survivor revealed in a live stream
UPDATED NOV 24, 2022
Andre Bing shot and killed six people before turning the gun on himself (Twitter/Draayia Janaee)
Andre Bing shot and killed six people before turning the gun on himself (Twitter/Draayia Janaee)

This article contains distressing information. Discretion is advised.

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CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA: Multiple people were killed and dozens were injured in a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, late Tuesday, according to police, the latest episode in a nationwide surge of gun violence. Around 10.15 pm ET, the Chesapeake Police Department responded to a complaint of a shooting at the Walmart on Sam's Circle. Authorities discovered evidence of gunshots as soon as they arrived, Chesapeake police spokesman MPO Leo Kosinski said during a news conference.

The shooter was among the deceased, according to a tweet from the City of Chesapeake on November 22. “Chesapeake Police confirm an active shooter incident with fatalities at the Walmart on Sam’s Circle. The shooter is deceased. Over the course of 35 to 40 minutes, officers discovered multiple dead and injured people in the store and assembled rescue and tactical teams to go inside and provide life-saving measures," he said, according to New York Times.


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Who was Andre Bing? 

Andre Bing, the manager of the Walmart store, has been reported as the shooter. According to a survivor who recorded a live stream from the event, the Walmart manager "entered the break room and started firing at workers," as reported by Ticker News. 


In the gruesome video, a Walmart employee in the parking lot recounts the events. It contains recordings of coworkers crying as a result of what they had experienced. "He plotted this for sure," he stated. "He just started capping people." The employee also claims that once he was done, the gunman shot himself to death, as reported by MARCA.

The shooter is referred to as "Andre Bing" by the Walmart employee. "Sadly, we lost a few of our associates, but I'm whole y'all" he exclaims. The staff can also be heard mourning a coworker named Brian, who was one of the store's custodians. One employee apparently pretended to be dead and was able to survive as a result. Six persons are thought to have been carried to nearby hospitals, one of whom is in critical condition. Local police are encouraging residents who are concerned about a loved one to avoid the store and instead go to the Chesapeake Conference Center.

The Walmart where the shooting went down is located at Sam's Circle, just off Battlefield Blvd. In a briefing, Chesapeake police spokesperson Leo Kosinski stated that officers arrived at a scene that was no longer active. When they arrived, the firing "had stopped," according to Kosinski.

Officers discovered numerous persons dead and injured inside the business and assembled rescue squads to go inside and give life-saving measures. Police believe there was only one shooter. The gunfire ceased when police arrived, according to Kosinski. He didn't give a specific number but indicated "no more than ten" were dead, as per reports.