'And Just Like That' star Kristin Davis says she DID NOT date actor Steve Martin

In a chat with Andy Cohen on 'WWHL', the 'Sex and the City' actress cleared the air about her rumored relationship from the past

                            'And Just Like That' star Kristin Davis says she DID NOT date actor Steve Martin
Kristin Davis on 'WWHL' (Bravo), Steve Martin on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' (CBS)

HBO Max's 'Sex and the City Reboot' titled 'And Just Like That' has been making waves ever since its conception and continues to with its new woke and raunchy content that explores the lives of our favorite ladies who are now in their 50s.

One of the original ladies Charlotte York Goldenblatt played by Kristin Davis is keeping the sex alive with her husband on-screen with titillating acts and continued to excite. But in real life, Davis is happily single and a mother to two beautiful kids. Although she's never tied the knot and is completely fine with it, she has had her share of relationships back in the day, and the recent show of Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen' rehashed one of her rumored flames. In a fan question segment the 'SATC' star cleared the air once and for all about her past, so read on to know the whole scoop!


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Were Kristin Davis and Steve Martin ever an item? Here's a look at their past

Back in the day when 'Sex and the City' finished filming in 2005, there were reports of Martin and Davis being the latest couple in town with reports saying that he was "head over heels for her". So much so that he even threw a surprise birthday bash to celebrate her 40th birthday. Adding fuel to the rumors was news of them getting cozy at a pre-Oscar party leading to the apparent confirmation of the news. Although unconfirmed Martin soon moved on when he started dating his now-wife and blamed it on a breakup.

Steve Martin on 'SNL' (SNL) and Kristin Davis on 'Oprah Winfrey Show'(OWN)


Kristin Davis DENIES dating actor Steve Martin

Appearing on 'Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen' the 'And Just Like Star' answers a burning question posed by a fan in the audience questions round. The fan asked her if back in the day the rumors about her and Steve Martin dating were true or made up to which she immediately replied, "No!." Explaining what happened, she said that they were completely made up and that it's so frustrating that people still think it is true. Referring to a past paparazzi picture she said that Martin was on holiday with his now-wife Anne Stringfield who he was dating at the time was mistaken for her. Continuing she said that they took pictures of Stringfield's back and probably of her face, but they didn't print those and instead said it was her! Davis added that it was crazy but had since talked and laughed about the matter with Martin's wife, and ended with reiterating that no, she never dated Steve Martin.




'And Just' Like That' airs Thursdays on HBO Max.

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