'And Just Like That' Episode 3: Fans 'not so sad' about Chris Noth's Mr Big death now

'And Just Like That' Episode 3: Fans 'not so sad' about Chris Noth's Mr Big death now
Chris Noth as Mr Big in 'And Just Like That' (HBO Max)

HBO Max's 'Sex and the City' reboot was supposed to be the highlight of 2021 for fans of the iconic series. But so far, it has been more disappointing than expected. 'And Just Like That' has been full of plot points that viewers have called 'woke bull****'.

The premiere episodes of 'And Just Like That' saw the death of a major character Mr Big (Chris Noth). When he dies of a heart attack, Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker) feels broken as she has lost the love of her life. Read on to know how her character was doing in the third episode and what fans thought of it.


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The third episode of the reboot saw Carrie going through one of the better stages of the grieving process as she slowly starts feeling a bit better. Big's death ruined her life but a few weeks of mourning have done her some good. That is when she receives news that's like a slap in her face. At Big's will reading she gets to know that her dead husband left a hefty one million dollars for his ex-wife Natasha Nanginsky. Now although Carrie did have a tryst with a married man, it's a fact of the past so she's rightfully angry and baffled at why Big would secretly do such a thing.

Fans felt the same way and were not pleased about Carrie having to deal with the drama the dead man created even after passing. But some wondered why Carrie still insecure even after all this time. But the main discussion among viewers centered on none other than Chris Noth who played Mr. Big. After news broke that he has been accused of sexual assault, fans have backtracked from their initial feelings and are instead glad that his character was killed off. Viewers took to making jokes and comments about why Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie didn't call 911 after she found Big in a bad condition. They also mentioned that the writers probably dodged a bullet by killing off Noth's character. Here's what they said:

A fan said, "Maybe I’m not so sad they killed him off the show right away #andjustlikethat". One of the viewers commented, "Not Big having drama even after he’s gone , man I’m sick of him all over again #AndJustLikeThat". A tweet read, "#AndJustLikeThat writers are probably thanking their lucky stars that they killed off Big." Another fan commented, "the more I watch and just like that the more pathetic I feel about Carrie who is still insecure about her marriage even after the death of Mr. Big. #AndJustLikeThat". A user tweeted, "Carrie offed Big in solidarity with sexual assault survivors. #AndJustLikeThat". Yet another tweet read, "#AndJustLikeThat Well, now I think we know why Carrie didn’t call 911."







'And Just Like That' is available to stream on HBO Max with new episodes to follow weekly

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