Dachshund who was burned by fireworks duct-taped to her body recovering and ready for new home

The stray dog was found outside a Jersey Village club in Texas on New Year's Eve with many pieces of fireworks duct taped to her back


A small Dachshund had a horrifying start to the new year. It was reported that the stray dog was found outside a Jersey Village club in Texas on New Year's Eve with many pieces of fireworks duct taped to her back.

The fireworks were set alight but were extinguished by the time rescue workers found the 2-year-old pooch.

It was very evident, however, that some cruel person had lit the explosives and left the duct tape to melt onto the back of the animal, who was later named “Meg Rayburn” by a Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DROH) board member after a resilient character on the Netflix series 'Bloodline.'

According to KHOU 11, the adorable dog was spotted in the area for several days, with the fireworks taped onto her back, but had been too nervous to let anyone go near her.

KTRK reported that Laurie and husband Clint Bergeron were the kindhearted people who finally managed to capture the dog after approaching her outside the club they were celebrating new year in on December 31.

Meg Rayburn (Source: Dachshund Rescue of Houston)

The couple noticed that the dog was injured and immediately took her to a local animal hospital.

"There was a big burn wound on her back and pieces of fireworks stuck to it," Bergeron said.

"She was scared of noises," she said. "And the duct tape used to hold the fireworks to her body had melted, and it had to be shaved away."

After hearing about how the small canine had undergone such horrifying cruelty through a tagged Facebook post, DROH contacted the Bergerons and took over the care for the tiny dog, PEOPLE reported.

The rescue took Meg to the Jersey Village Animal Hospital for additional treatment and which is currently caring for the dog.

The organization wrote in a Facebook post: "She is safe now, in one of our loving foster homes. This is what we do. We help dogs like Meg who have no hope and give them a soft spot to rest their heads. We provide all the vetting and care they need to have the best chance at a new beginning." 

Toni Rumley of the Dachshund Rescue of Houston told the publication that the organization expects the pooch to make a full recovery from the horrifying injuries on her back.

The skittish Dachshund is reportedly more relaxed now that she is in her foster home and is "starting to enjoy life again" after having been terrorized by the unknown person who abused her.

Rumley also said that the rescue is determined to find the dog a loving and permanent home after she recovers fully.

This isn't going to be a big task because the adorable pooch has already received "a great amount" of adoption applications. Visit the website to find out more about Meg and other Dachshunds like her.

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