Amouranth shares why her family was not sure about her Twitch career

Amouranth shares why her family was not sure about her Twitch career
Amouranth is a popular Twitch and YouTube streamer (@Amouranth/ Twitter)

Amouranth recently took a stroll back in time and shared why her family was not sure about her Twitch streaming career. Being a streamer is a risky endeavor in and of itself. She discussed how her parents reacted to her career decision during the 'Cocktails with QT' show.

Currently, the Twitch and YouTube streamer has 6.4 million followers and 978K subscribers on her respective platforms. The streamer shared that she had to go through many stages. It became a little more challenging for her in the beginning, especially with regard to her parents.


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Why was Amouranth's mother uncertain about her Twitch career?

Amouranth claims that her mother first resisted and was quite hesitant about her career choice. However, she provided her mother with the ideal illustrations and scenarios to the contrary. The streamer discussed with her mother how many women go out to clubs, meet people, and have flirtatious exchanges, without telling their parents.


She spoke to her mother about how many parents are unaware of the poor choices that their children make. She said, “They are sending n**es to the guys that they just met, that they don’t know if they actually like.”



'I am monetizing everything safely'

She continued by explaining how she is making money from her streaming videos and she does it without keeping it a secret from her parents. "I am monetizing everything safely and have the power to know what I am putting out there,” she continued to speak. Amouranth was earning about $1 million annually at the beginning of her career, ESSENTIALLY SPORTS reported. As a result, her mother decided to stand by her.

However, Amouranth's father supported her from the very beginning. He even gave her a marketing strategy, which she subsequently used at work. She shared that her father had advised her, "Don’t give the milk away for free, they are not going to buy the cow."

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 Amouranth shares why her family was not sure about her Twitch career