'America's Got Talent' star Aaron Crow's knife trick goes awry, Simon nearly loses hand

Mel B pressed the buzzer mid-act and that may have been a reason for Aaron to nearly lose attention and for Simon to nearly lose his hand.

                            'America's Got Talent' star Aaron Crow's knife trick goes awry, Simon nearly loses hand

Every time Aaron Crow performs on the ‘America’s Got Talent’ stage viewers are on the edge of their seats and on the Quarterfinals 3 episode, which was shot live from the Dolby Theatre this week, it looks like our fears almost materialized. The daredevil act involved Simon Cowell, one of the judges, smashing his hand on a box, that may or may not have a knife in it, and it turns out he almost chose the wrong box.  

Let’s back up. In the Quarterfinals, Aaron asked Howie Mandel to mix up four red boxes that he brought with him, one of which held a knife, the blade of which was pointed up. Howie initially chose two boxes, both of which Aaron smashed, and found had no knives in them.  

He then called Simon – whose son was among the audiences on Tuesday night – up on stage and asking him to smash the box that Howie chose next. However, before Howie made his decision Mel B pressed the buzzer, which seemingly caught all three men on the stage off guard.  

A little later Howie made his decision and Simon – whose hand was visibly shaking - was about to smash the box, when Aaron stepped in and pushed his palm aside. The box that Howie chose had the knife in it, as Aaron revealed a second later.  

“Well, I actually do value my hand. The fact that [Mel] buzzed him nearly put him off. And you, Howie, if we had gone on your crash I would now have a hole in my hand. Thank you, Aaron, for saving me,” Simon said during his comments.  

Howie, however, seemed to harbor no guilt, simply stating, “I’m just — I think I was amazing,” when it was his turn to give feedback. 

The non-participants, Mel and Heidi Klum seem to have felt that the act ran a little too long, which is apparently why the former pressed the buzzer. However, the audiences have gotten tired of Mel pressing the buzzer mid-acts, especially the Daredevil ones.  

A few viewers commented on the Youtube video of Aaron’s act: “What Mel did was absolutely bad. Why would she risk throwing the guy off and possibly make a mistake? I know she's going thru some stuff personally but she's been a buzzkill this season.” 

“No no no no no. You do NOT judge this man or act off the length of the performance. It is called a PERFORMANCE for a reason. Also a little thing called SUSPENSE. Just shows us the ones of you who apparently don't know anything about the art of magic and body language reading. Was a killer performance.😁” 

“Okay, does Mel B have an adrenalin allergy or something? I'm just saying she's buzzed a lot of danger acts this season. Well, this was fun.”