'America's Got Talent' Season 15: BTS take over Universal Studios lot, fans call it 'best Dynamite stage ever'

The latest single from BTS continues to break records as one of their biggest releases to date and their AGT performance's unique charm has left fans swooning

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: BTS take over Universal Studios lot, fans call it 'best Dynamite stage ever'

BTS continue their 'Dynamite' promotional run, this time bringing their charms to the 'America's Got Talent' stage in the final semi-finals episode of Season 15. 'Dynamite' is a perfectly crafted classic pop track and features some glorious retro vibes with all seven members of the group being styled to match. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to have the group perform the song at the Universal Studios lot, where the show has been filming its performances remotely this year.

Penned by David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, with Stewart doubling as producer, 'Dynamite' is BTS' first all-English track. The song was put out by the band in the hopes that it would spread some joy during these less-than-ideal pandemic-inflicted times. And going by how happy it has been making the group's fans, it's safe to say they accomplished their goal.

But in addition to its heartwarming message, the upbeat disco-pop song is also one of BTS' most successful singles to date, debuting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and being BTS' first number-one single in the US. This, additionally, makes the group the first all-South Korean act to top the chart.

Taehyung and RM of BTS (NBC)

Naturally, BTS fans were overjoyed to see another flawless rendition of the song, but no one could have expected that they would see their favorite version of 'Dynamite' performed on the AGT stage. "THAT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG @AGT @BTS_twt #BTSonAGT IM IN AWE AND SHOCK AND WOW," tweeted one fan, "OMG, that was so so awesomely fantastic! What a performance of #BTS_Dynamite on @AGT," shared another, and one fan said, "HELLO THE AGT PERFORMANCE WAS AMAZING."






Of course, fans couldn't help but hype their favorite members, and with each one looking strapping in their respective suits, that's a perfectly understandable sentiment. One tweet read, "Jin’s looks on AGT performance," while another simply said, "JIMIN!!!!!"




Jimin of BTS (NBC)

Mostly, however, fans couldn't get over how well-suited the set was for a performance of 'Dynamite'. "AGT WAS THE BEST DYNAMITE STAGE. PERIOD," declared one fan while another said, "Petition for AGT Dynamite version to be its own mv."




The boys took full advantage of the Universal Studios' retro glam, including its old school drive-in restaurants, phone booths and vintage cars, to deliver a flawless fun and chic performance. And as the show carried on with more results being revealed, specifically the results for which acts made it to the finals next week, some fans couldn't focus on the show itself anymore. "PLAY IT AGAIN AGT - NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE I WANT TO SEE THAT 14 MORE TIMES MINIMUM TONIGHT," stated one fan.


(L-R) Taehyung and Suga of BTS (NBC)

Check out the full performance of "Dynamite' on 'America's Got Talent' below.


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