'Dynamite': BTS delivers 'healing track' with message of hope, fans say 'this is what world needs right now'

The group shared that the disco-pop song was meant to inspire 'happiness and confidence' in listeners, adding that it would have fans on their feet in no time

                            'Dynamite': BTS delivers 'healing track' with message of hope, fans say 'this is what world needs right now'
BTS at the 'Dynamite' Global Press Conference (Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS is giving fans a treat with their new English-language single 'Dynamite', an extremely energetic and cheerful track with Michael Jackson-inspired choreography that the group hopes will convey their "message of hope and encouragement" to their Army worldwide.

The group held a global conference to discuss 'Dynamite', including its meaning and the process that went into producing the track. Taehyung noted the group was both excited and anxious about sharing their latest release, which is understandable, given it is the group's latest attempt at experimenting with their sound. Speaking about the song, Jungkook shared, "A lot of people are going through some tough times right now, I hope that 'Dynamite' will be a healing, therapeutic song [that] makes people happy," while J-hope added, "We're back with a very bright, airy, bouncy song, and I hope you enjoy it."

(L-R) Taehyung and J-Hope of BTS at the 'Dynamite' Global Conference (Big Hit Entertainment)

Speaking specifically about the track's production, Suga stated, "'Dynamite' is a disco-pop song with a fun cheery vibe. It sends the message of happiness and confidence." He added, "I'm sure many people can dance to it, it's a very fun song." Jin shared a lyric from the track, "I'm gonna light it up," along with his hope that it gives people the energy to do just that. RM stated, "This was a song we really wanted to try, it was a really fun and cheery song that made us feel really good when we heard it." He continued, "We wanted to share this energy as soon as possible," adding they put it out as a pre-release single so their fans could feel as lifted as they did while recording it.

(L-R) RM, Jin, and Suga of BTS at the 'Dynamite' Global Conference (Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS has had quite a busy year, going from their promotional activities for their previous album 'Map of the Soul: 7' straight into an online concert, 'Bang Bang Con', following which they started working on their next album, due later this year. The group also has a documentary film coming out titled 'Break the Silence' and are currently airing their series 'In the Soop' which takes fans behind-the-scenes so they can get a more intimate look at how BTS crafts their record-breaking albums. But interestingly, their latest track doesn't feature a whole lot on the show because the group didn't have 'Dynamite' on their agenda initially. Jimin confirmed that the group came across the track and loved it enough to put it out as a single, despite it never being part of their original plan.

Speaking about their choice to release the track in English, Taehyung shared, "When we were recording the guide version, we felt like the English lyrics fit the melody better. It felt different from what we have tried before." J-hope added, "When I heard the song I really like the vibe. I thought the message fit the direction that we wanted to go. When we were recording...it energized us, so I wanted to share this feeling with many people." BTS, it would appear, were having a tough time dealing with the global crisis, just as many of their fans were. Jimin stated, "We couldn't do a lot of things as planned. We really wanted to be on stage, we really wanted to meet the fans. We felt empty and needed a breakthrough to overcome this emptiness and helplessness, and we came across this opportunity to try something new. 'Dynamite' is a song that can lift anyone's spirits, and we gained a lot of energy from it."

(L-R) Jungkook and Jimin of BTS at the 'Dynamite' Global Conference (Big Hit Entertainment)

Essentially, 'Dynamite' is a song BTS is dedicating to anyone who has felt like they've "fallen down while running a marathon," as Suga shared. Speaking about how different the experience of recording a song in English was for the group, J-hope shared, "We tried to maintain that refreshing, exciting vibe when we first heard it," adding that they focused on getting their message across with their biggest hope being the song sends some positivity out into the world. And it appears that message was received loud and clear by their fans. "They really explode the world with optimism and positive vibes," tweeted one fan, adding, "This is what the world needs right now! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN LOVE @BTS_twt!" As the song already sets records, including being the fastest music video in history to reach 10 million views, accomplishing the feat in just over 20 minutes, fans continued to enjoy its core uplifting message, tweeting, "Good vibes only! Love the song!"




Other fandoms also dropped by to show the song some love, including Blackpink's fans. "Some good BLINKS hyping up Dynamite. When someone said music is for healing and bring us together, this is it," tweeted one fan. 'Dynamite', it would appear, is bringing some much-needed positivity to the K-pop community and the world beyond.


But outside of the song's ability to put smiles on people's faces, it is also making people fall in love with Jungkook all over again. "JUNGKOOK STARTING OFF THE MV IN THIS ROOM WITH HIS VOCALS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!" tweeted one fan. The group's fashion also earned some praise, with one fan stating, "I REALLY LIKE UR OUTFITS!!" And fans were soon fawning over each member, including one fan who shared, "I’m sorry I won’t stop talking about this like NEVER," along with an image of RM winking at the camera.






A particular moment between Jimin and Jungkook also has fans swooning. One tweet read, "JIMIN JUMPED ON JUNGKOOK’S BACK OHGOD CUTEST!!! JIKOOK OMG."


Given the song is already setting and breaking records, it's safe to say it is one of the biggest hits of the year. Check out the video for BTS' latest healing track, 'Dynamite', below.


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