'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Archie Williams, Brandon Leake make it to finals and fans are over the moon

While the judges decided to pick Archie Williams, Broken Roots also made it to the finals in what was a nailbiting episode

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Archie Williams, Brandon Leake make it to finals and fans are over the moon

The results for the first round of the semi-finals for 'America's Got Talent' are out and what a rollercoaster of emotions it was. Judge Simon Cowell was absent from the show and Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara were the ones judging tonight.

The first contestants to go into the Dunkin' Save voting were Alan Silva, Archie Williams and Malik Dope. Then began the announcements for the contestants who would see their place in the finale. Sadly, one of the fans' favorites, Spyros Bros, was the first to leave the show and this signaled the reality that things were getting truly serious. One viewer aptly described the episode as a "nail-biter" on Twitter.


Next, Double Dragon and Broken Roots got on the stage. Between the two, Broken Roots was chosen by America to enter the finals. Between spoken word poet Brandon Leake and heartthrob singer Thomas Day, Leake won the votes to go through to the finals. Howie congratulated him and said, "You are the king of spoken words, there are any words that I could give you to add to what you do. I am so thrilled that you are going through to the final." He added, "You are not only changing you, you are changing the world."

Between votes, the episode delivered several entertaining scenes from previous seasons. The first of such scenes was a humorous skit between Piff the Magic Dragon, a magician and contestant on Season 10, and David Copperfield. "Omg i loved the bit with @thepiff & @D_Copperfield on #agt," expressed a fan on Twitter.


The next contestant to make it through to the finals was Roberta Battaglia who burst into tears after the judges announced her victory but Shaquira McGrath, unfortunately, didn't make it. Heidi said of the young songstress, "Just be yourself because you're perfect. Every time you come out you are doing better and better." In response to a Twitter announcement by AGT, saying, "America can't get enough of @RobertaBSinger! She'll be in the #AGTFinals," one fan said, "Awesome. Roberta is amazing. I am now 2 for 3 for the acts that I voted for last night. @AGT #AGT."


Another stunning performance during the voting was that of Ndlovu Youth Choir who performed Jackie Wilson's classic song '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher'. Ndlovu Youth Choir were a finalist on the previous season of AGT. "I ADORE @ChoirAfrica ! So glad to see them back on @AGT ! #AGTResults #AGT," wrote one fan.


For the moment that many viewers had been waiting for, the results for the Dunkin' Save came in and Alan Silva made it through to the finals. One fan said, "Alan Silva deserves that!!! So glad he’s in the final #AGT."


Next up, the judges decided who to send Archie Williams to the finals. Before the result, several fans on Twitter were hoping Archie would go through to the finals. One fan said, "I would pick @Archieisfree ! He is insane. Beautiful. Heartwarming. Inspirational. @AGT #AGT."


During the closing of the episode, most of the fans were happy with the results and are eager for the next episode. One viewer said, "Brandon Leake and Broken Roots to the finals. Great talents and great representations of America! #AGTResults #agt."


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