'American Rust' Episode 3: Haunted by his dark past, Harris reveals SHOCKING truth

While the evidence against Billy continues to pile up, Harris confronts his own demons

                            'American Rust' Episode 3: Haunted by his dark past, Harris reveals SHOCKING truth
Dallas Roberts as Jackson Berg and Jeff Daniels as Del Harris in 'American Rust (Photo credit: Dennis Mong/Showtime)

With each passing episode of 'American Rust', the series delves deeper into the past of the residents of Buell, shedding light on the incidents that made them who they are. It also gives viewers a glimpse at what could lie ahead for each of them, as the murder of former cop Novick (Jim True-Frost) remains unsolved.

In Episode 3, 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses', fans get a closer look at Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) and the demons of his past that plague him. But, unfortunately, he isn't the only one haunted by what now seems like a distant memory, as Billy (Alex Neustaedter) copes with losing Lee (Julia Mayorga) yet again while Issac (David Alvarez) tries to move on with his own life. 

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Episode 3 starts of with the autopsy of Pete Novick, however, the further Harris delves into this case, the more questions it raises. It's clear that Novick died from blunt force trauma to the head, but there is far more to the situation, as the autopsy reveals that he was also heavily abusing drugs at the time. This eventually sets Harris on the chase for Bobby (William Apps), who he finds out is the dealer peddling drugs to Novick. Bobby manages to escape and is now on the lam. Meanwhile, Issac seems to have had a change of heart. Although intent on running away, he secretly returns the stolen cash to Lee before skipping town.

Lee, who feels guilty about her intimate moment with Billy, recounts her father's situation to her husband, who encourages her to stay in Buell and handle the situation the way she sees fit. He reassures her not to worry about money and further drives home her guilt. She confronts Billy and tells him that getting intimate with him earlier was a mistake and that they should move on with their lives.


This piece of advice is something Billy takes to heart and attempts to pull his life together, even going as far as to apply for a coaching job. While Billy and Lee's relationship meets its end, Grace (Maura Tierney) and Harris seem to be rekindling their romance. She eventually confronts him about why he came to Buell and he reveals a dark incident from his past. He was working on a case regarding a minor, where an English teacher sexually assaulted an eight-year-old child. The teacher was taken to court, but when the child had to testify, he froze. This resulted in the teacher walking away a free man, despite the shocking evidence. A few angered cops, including Harris, decided to take matters into their own hands and murdered the teacher in the name of justice. However, the incident continues to weigh heavy on Harris.

Back in the present, Bobby calls the police station to recount events of the night Novick was murdered. He tells them that they got into a heated argument with Billy along with Novick, who proceeded to attack them. While the evidence continues to stack against Billy, Bobby is seen destroying his sim card, making him untraceable for now. As all this plays out, Billy's attention remains elsewhere, on Lee, specifically. As he goes to meet her despite her wishes, they both cave and make love, further jeopardizing her marriage.

'American Rust' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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