‘American Idol’: Tobias' singing and dancing floors judges, fans dub him ‘whole package’

‘American Idol’: Tobias' singing and dancing floors judges, fans dub him ‘whole package’
Tobias on 'American Idol' Season 20 (Photo by Instagram@princetch)

Tobias aka Prince Tch showed up at the audition on the fifth episode of ‘American Idol’ Season 20 and completely left the judges  Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie awestruck. The young singer proved to be a complete package as not only he could sing but he also got some moves that left the trio thoroughly impressed.
In order to show off his exceptional vocal skills, Tobias decided to perform his rendition of ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet’ by Stevie Wonder. Tobias, who looked dapper in a brown jacket, then showed his uber-cool dance moves on Bruno Mars’s ‘Uptown Funk’s piano version. Speaking to Tobias, Luke said that vocally Tobias was not 100 percent there but he could be given a chance. Lionel too spoke to the singer adding that he liked where he was going and he could make people sweat. Katy pitched in to add that she liked his dancing but his singing could have been slowed down a bit. She concluded that Tobias had all fundamentals of what ‘American Idol’ needed. The trio then unanimously agreed to hand him over the coveted golden ticket on the basis of what a complete package he was.  
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Social media users thronged to Twitter as one of the users stated, “Tobias sounded good! Talmbout some pitch problems! SMH! (Maybe SLIGHTLY, but still)! And Katy saying she hopes his voice delivers (kinda paraphrasing). And saying about his jacket!” Another stated, “Tobias is one of my favorites already. He has it all! Can’t wait to see more.” One user stated, “Tobias Hill is officially my fav.”  Whereas, another added, “They're being too hard on Tobias. Let him through already.”
The next one said, “Tobias is a star in the making!” Meanwhile, one individual tweeted, “Sometimes it's crazy that some of these people are just this good. Like Tobias is just sittin there sounding like that with no auto tune.” Another said, “Tobias Hill, great personality, confident but not cocky, tickling those keys and singing sweetly. He is a ray of sunshine, such a spastic energy. He brought them modulations. Excellent!”  And, one user concluded, “This kid has the whole package! Fabulous.”




















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