'American Idol' announces Top 5 as Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie use their last save

'American Idol' announces Top 5 as Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie use their last save

Six sang for America's vote, four (or five) won. 

With three of the judges using their one and only save of the season, Sunday's episode of 'American Idol' ended with a twist.

On Sunday, the competition became stiff and the Top 4 turned into the Top 5. With each of these six finalists sang two tunes: one from the summer of 1969 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival and another chosen as inspiration by Grammy-winning Christian singer Lauren Daigle, who also got her start on the show. 

The results were revealed by host Ryan Seacrest at the end of the two-hour episode. The top four vote-getters — Alejandro Aranda, Wade Cota,  Laine Hardy and Madison VanDenburg — moved on in the competition and could still be crowned the winner of season 17.

The first artist to perform was Maddison VanDenburg and she presented a rendition of Janis Joplin’s 'Piece of My Heart'. Laine Hardy sang 'I Don’t Need No Doctor' by Joe Cocker/Ray Charles. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sang 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,' by Joan Baez and had  Lionel Richie raving, “You’re bringing the bling and the swing!” Laci Kaye Booth was up with a performance of 'To Love Somebody' by Janis Joplin/The Bee Gees. She got a standing ovation from the judges, and Katy Perry even gushed that Laci is a “superstar,” but urged her to be a little less stiff onstage.

Alejandro Aranda followed Laci, singing 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane, and the judges complimented him for stepping out of his comfort zone a bit and doing something different than they’ve ever seen from him before. Wade Cota sang Joe Cocker’s 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Wade left everything on the stage and the crowd went absolutely nuts for his high-energy performance. The judges are also impressed, and Katy even raved that it was the best performance of the night.


The bottom two — Laci Kaye Booth and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon — were to be eliminated unless the judges chose to use their single save of the season. After a few nerve-wracking moments, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie opted to throw a lifeline to Laci. 


The episode trended on Twitter throughout the night and it seems like the nation isn't happy with the judge's decision.

Fans sent Harmon their love from all across the country and some raved about Laine Hardy and Wade Cota's performances.


Season 2's top 8 singer Alyssa Raghu tweeted "Jeremiah deserves the WORLD. I truly think he’s is the classiest and most identifiable. He’s the next Elton, Lennon and the very first JEREMIAH. Regardless if he didn’t win, he is still about to take the music industry by storm. @jlloydharmon I love you”.

“He got robbed for sure. No way he isn’t one of the top 4, but he will definitely get a recording contract or Broadway gig for sure.  Look what Happened to Jennifer Hudson!” another fan tweeted with hopes of a Harmon getting a better gig.


“Every time there is a gay guy that can sing tremendously they always go home. I was hoping that new network new idol but come on! Jeremiah you deserved to win and I’m sorry #jlloydharmon #AmericanIdol ”, another fan tweeted clearly upset about the lack of representation.

The rage is real with fans very disappointed over the judge's decisions — “I’m done watching #AmericanIdol . Most stupid choices ever. They left my guy Jeremiah #jlloydharmon in the dust. There is no justice. Shame on them and America! LOL” 

“@lacikayebooth SUCKS compared to @jlloydharmon   Jeremiah should have been in the top 4. #wadecota has one sound and both country singers are average.  When you have judges that cant even see that @AmericanIdol  becomes a huge farce. #Jeremiah you are brilliant” another fan tweeted.


Surely, this week’s eliminations flared emotions and will have fans back for more next week.

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