What fans want 'American Idol' to change when the show returns in Season 18

What fans want 'American Idol' to change when the show returns in Season 18

'American Idol', ever since its debut in 2002, has had fans hooked on to the reality TV competition series. With 16 seasons done and dusted, the series continues to spin out talented singers who have made it big in the music industry. 

Currently 'American Idol' is in its 17th season and last week, we saw the Top 20 contestants perform with celebrities like Julia Michaels, Chris Isaak, Lukas Graham, lovelytheband, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, and Cynthia Erivo. On Sunday night, the series will air live with the Top 14 contestants who advanced from the All-Star Duets.



The series is currently low on its TV ratings, which left everyone wondering if the series will be renewed after the 17th season. But now, according to The Idol Pad, the series is reportedly being renewed for the 18th season. The website also reported that there will be major changes in season 18.

Ever since fans heard that the series is being renewed with major changes — even though it is still not yet confirmed officially — they have started to share what changes they would like to see in the reality TV competition series so that it can improve and change for its possible season 18, even though the current season has not yet come to an end. 



"My changes would be: MORE LIVE SHOWS, Eliminate one at a time. New judges. Get some Idol alums involved (Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, etc.). Bring back live semis. Audience should be voting by now. Shorten audition portion of the show. (In season 1, we were voting just a couple weeks in.) Bring in a big name guest judge each week that would actually offer great critiques (like Kelly did in S15)," wrote a fan on Reddit. 


Another fan added, "Have tons more footage, including footage that didn't air, uploaded to the youtube channel. Seriously, do they not like all the views, subs, and ad revenue that come with it? I mean, you know how many views Alejandro's group performance would have right now? I totally want to see that!"



One fan said, "More rockers. One of their most successful artistes is Daughtry. He sold more albums than almost every single idol winner or non-winners. Only Underwood and Clarkson have outsold him. Wasn't it a great last year with Cade Foehner. Even if you don't like rock, you know when he took the stage you were going to be entertained and woken up and alive. Music is so important to millions of people and if you like pop, hip hop, country or whatever that's great." 


Most fans just want the Idol to replace its panel of judges and get new ones. Apart from that, fans also revealed that they would like to see Ryan Seacrest continue his job as the host because he is worth every penny they pay him. "Do NOT get rid of Ryan. He’s worth every penny," a fan wrote. 

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