'American Idol' season 17: Fans believe Alejandro Aranda and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon deserved their Top 14 spots the most

'American Idol' season 17: Fans believe Alejandro Aranda and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon deserved their Top 14 spots the most

Ever since its debut in 2002 'American Idol' has had its fans hooked on to the reality TV competition series. 16 seasons down the line, the series has spun out talented singers who have made it big and created a name in the music industry. 

Currently in its 17th season, last week we saw the Top 20 contestants perform with celebrities like Julia Michaels, Chris Isaak, Lukas Graham, lovelytheband, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, and Cynthia Erivo. And now the series is heading on to the live shows with the Top 14 contestants who advanced from the All-Star Duets.


The 14 contestants who advanced to the live shows are, Alejandro Aranda, Alyssa Raghu, Ashley Hess, Dimitrius Graham, Eddie Island, Evelyn Cormier, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Madison Vandenburg, Riley Thompson, Uché, Wade Cota, and Walker Burroughs. 

Though each contestant who made it to the Top 14 has a unique voice, fans revealed who they thought is most deserving and who is least deserving of being in the Top 14. Most fans revealed that they thought Aranda and Harmon deserved their spots in the Top 14 the most, while Raghu and Cormier took the least deserved spots.


"But Alyssa worked so hard during the year and even took dance lessons! We’re all so proud of her! I’m kidding. She’s definitely the least inspiring/original contestant left. Most deserving is Alejandro. But also Jeremiah. I'm ready to listen to that dude's original music right now," wrote a fan on Reddit


While another added, "Most: Jeremiah hands down. I have to be honest and say I'm not the most objective but he has been consistent from Day 1...from his audition to Hollywood Week to the duet last week. He hasn't had a bad performance yet. Least: Raghu. She can sing but just pales in comparison to the competition. She's out of place, tbh." Continuing, another fan said, "I don’t really understand Evelyn. Not to be rude, but I think if I heard her music on Spotify I’d be like heck ya I dig this. Her performance, presence and general aura is really throwing me off. Not a fan."


Apart from this, fans also commented on Raghu stating that she is still a kid and needs to grow more in order to stand a chance at winning. "She's a kid. It's easy to forget because she's dressing up like a pop star but she's 16. (And, as a high school teacher who spends all day around 15 and 16-year-olds, trust me, they are still children.) I think she's just in this too soon. She needs to grow into herself a little bit more." 


"Raghu is undeniably talented but doesn't know who she is as a performer. The judges would have been nicer to make her wait another 2 or 3 years, tbh," wrote another fan. 

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