'American Idol' Season 17: Show claims upcoming episode 2 will be 'one of the greatest auditions ever', but fans are skeptical

'American Idol' Season 17: Show claims upcoming episode 2 will be 'one of the greatest auditions ever', but fans are skeptical

Say goodbye to Wednesday blues as 'American Idol' is officially back, bigger than ever, with its 17th season. The season premiered Sunday with its first round of auditions. And sticking to its claims of being an emotional season, the series premiere delivered just that. 

Host Ryan Seacrest and judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie returned for the second year in a row to find the next singing sensation. The premiere featured 12 hopeful contestants who won a ticket to Hollywood. It featured auditions from locations in Louisville, Kentucky; Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York, and Denver, Colorado.


On Wednesday, the series will return for its second episode that consists another round of auditions. And prior to the episode, the series teased fans with a small sneak peek claiming this would be one of the greatest auditions ever. Though the teaser looks promising, fans are not buying the claim.

"I actually CAN miss tonight’s #AmericanIdol And I’m not missing out on jack squiddly squad ... have a nice day." wrote a fan. While another added, "Stop trying to make this show a 'thing'. It’s tired." Meanwhile, another fan said, "Greatest audition ever? Really? You know no one cares about this show anymore, right? #AmericanIdol." 


In the sneak peek, the series claimed round two of auditions are going to be better than the premiere round. We see Bryan reveal he feels like he is in the midst of greatness. And while some fans revealed they are not buying into these tactics, others are quite excited for the episode to air. "I know I’ll be watching!" said a fan. While another wrote, "Ever? The girl from Vietnam was pretty amazing so we'll see!"


Following episode 1, fans had some valuable feedback for the show. When the first round of auditions premiered on Sunday, there were many noticeable and unforgettable performances. However, one contestant caught the attention of everyone including the judges and that was Nick. During his audition, he revealed that he had lost his elder and younger brothers to suicide, and how he almost gave up but then pulled through.

After watching his introduction, fans requested the series to put out a warning when they showcase anything related to suicide. "Had to explain several adult topics to my 7 and 8-year-olds during the first episode including suicide. Maybe a warning next time @AmericanIdol thought it was a singing competition show for family viewing," said a fan.

Coming back to the claims of the second episode being greater than the first episode, it looks overall quite promising. But after looking at the amazing auditions the series featured during the premiere, it will come as no surprise if they manage to deliver on this claim as well. 

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays on ABC. Check your local listing for more information. 

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