There's no stopping Kelly Clarkson. From 'American Idol' winner to hosting her own talk show, the singer has done it all!

There's no stopping Kelly Clarkson. From 'American Idol' winner to hosting her own talk show, the singer has done it all!
Singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson (Source : Getty Images)

The year was 2002, the world did not know that 'American Idol' would become the global phenomenon that it is today, or that the very first winner, Kelly Clarkson, would become the internationally renowned multiple-award-winning singer that she is today. However, one thing was certain – Kelly Clarkson is a star. Having donned many hats from singer to coach and now talk show host since then, she definitely has proved us right.

At the age of 20, Kelly had more star power and personality than most celebrities who have been famous for a while. When she walked in to audition for Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson in her former-jeans-repurposed-as-a-top, we knew she would be memorable if nothing else.

With the confidence of someone who knew they were meant to perform, she sang Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ and she got herself invitations to Hollywood from all three judges. In fact, she impressed the judges so much so that Paula and Simon even asked her to sit with them on the panel and judge Randy’s performance.

Those moments marked the beginning of Kelly's journey as a celebrity. She not only went on to win the very first season of 'American Idol,' but also went on to release her debut single which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and became the country's best-selling single of 2002. She released her debut album 'Thankful' in 2003 which went on to debut atop the US Billboard 200, and created world-renowned singles like 'Since U Been Gone,' 'My Life Would Suck Without You' and 'Stronger {What Doesn't Kill You)' and 'Because of You'. Her efforts made her the recipient of three Grammy Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, four American Music Awards, and two Academy of Country Music Awards. Meanwhile, she also acted a little in a movie and a few TV shows, focusing more on lending her voice to animation shows and movies.

Despite these accolades and achievements, Kelly's story was only just beginning. After finding success in the music industry, which she entered as the winner of a reality show competition, she decided to coach others who are trying to make their entry into music through reality shows and joined 'The Voice' in 2012, and even went on to lead her singers Brynn Cartelli and Chevel Shepherd to their wins in seasons 14 and 15 respectively. 

Now, she is entering the next stage - and coincidentally the most obvious stage - of her career, as a talk show host. 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,' a new nationally syndicated daytime program, will premiere September 9 and it has already been sold in 99% of the United States. The one-hour daytime talk show, which will be produced and taped in front of a live audience in the Universal Studios lot in Los Angeles, has already been sold to more than 200 stations.


It comes as no surprise that people all over the country are already rooting for her, thanks to her infectious personality and cheerful demeanor. Her fans definitely seem to have high hopes for her, and if we know anything from her 18-year-long career, it is that she will not disappoint. "So, Kelly Clarkson is a treasure. Her talk show is bound to be a delight for years and years and will be the last nail that finally allows us to put Ellen out to pasture," said one of her fans on Twitter, while another opined, "I've thought about it, and @kelly_clarkson getting her own talk show is one of my favorite things to happen in 2018."

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