'American Idol' Season 17: 2 episodes in, Alejandro Aranda emerges fan-favorite and for good reason

'American Idol' Season 17: 2 episodes in, Alejandro Aranda emerges fan-favorite and for good reason

'American Idol' finally premiered on March 3 with its 17th season. To date, the series has aired two audition episodes, that left fans and viewers wanting more. Claiming to be an emotional season, the series is setting the benchmark high in each episode. 

So far there are 24 contestants who received a golden ticket to Hollywood. Each contestant was unique while performing in their own way, but among them all, was one contestant fans and viewers are rooting for the most. And he is none other than Alejandro Aranda.


Even before he could perform Wednesday, the series shared a teaser claiming his audition will be one of the greatest ever. Not sure if that can be proved, but 24-year-old Aranda did deliver a spectacular performance that left everyone wanting more. After his performance, Luke Bryan revealed: "I have nothing to tell you, other than I’m so glad that you’re here." He also added that he felt like he was “in the presence of greatness.” With guitar and piano skills of an ace, Aranda performed an original song, he wrote based on an event from his childhood.

The judges were spellbound, as they revealed they think he is already a winner and that he will make it big. Aranda is from Pomona, California, and started playing music just four years ago, but he performs like he has been doing it his whole life. His performance was enjoyed not only by the judges but by fans and viewers as well. 


"Amazing talent so far but Alejandro just blew my mind!! Actually can’t wait to see him again!!! Secretly sign him a deal now!!" wrote a fan. While another added, "I have never watched an audition so many times over and over. I can't wait to see more of Alejandro. every time I see a link posted of his audition I watch it!! You got this!!!" 

Aranda has left everyone speechless with his passion for music. During his audition, he revealed how he started playing on the street after work when he needed to vent, and now it has left him with great passion.

In 2017, California State University, Northridge, called him the Artist of the Year. "Aranda did not create music to become an artist. Instead, Aranda just began playing the guitar along with the piano out in the street and after work when in need to vent then, gained a passion for music," the statement read. 


When Aranda started to perform, he started under his pseudonym ScaryPoolParty in college. This is currently his Instagram handle as well, which has over 35,000 followers for his music. If you are wondering how far Aranda makes it on American Idol, you need not worry, because this guy is in it for the long run. 


'American Idol' airs every Wednesday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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