'American Horror Story: 1984' finale gives Richard Ramirez the most fitting form of justice for Satanic serial killer's heinous crimes

Ramirez's plans of murdering Mr. Jingles' son Bobby is hindered by a literal death watch the souls trapped in the camp have exercised on him for the past 30 years.

                            'American Horror Story: 1984' finale gives Richard Ramirez the most fitting form of justice for Satanic serial killer's heinous crimes

This article contains spoilers for Season 9, Episode 9: 'Final Girl'.

After all the romanticizing and glorifying of Richard Ramirez's Satanic beliefs and gruesome murders '1984' did in the initial parts of the season, Ryan Murphy really turns things around in season 9's series finale. And we have Billie Lourd's Montana to thank for that.

In the series finale, as Mr. Jingles' now-adult son Bobby returns to Camp Redwood in 2019 to dig deeper into his father's life - expecting that he is still alive, Montana and Trevor give him a full-on reality check about the camp's purgatorial traits and simultaneously warns him about Ramirez's plans of murdering him too. Their only hope lies in the constant "death watch" they have put Ramirez on.

Montana talks about how 30 years ago when Ramirez had arrived at the camp during the Halloween music festival Margaret was putting up, the 40-something souls roaming around the camp's grounds brutally murdered Ramirez. A gory bloodbath is what Ramirez's murder was as the ghosts repeatedly stabbed him in every possible area of his body. They slit his throat and stab him in his face even just to make sure he is fully dead until at least satanic supernatural powers bring him back to life.


From that point on, Montana, Trevor and the rest of the souls trapped in the camp spend their time killing Ramirez in newer and more innovative ways just to make sure he doesn't even get to breathe for a second every time Satan brings him back to life. The whole purpose of this was to keep Ramirez locked up in the camp so he couldn't walk out and hunt Bobby Richter down as he had promised to.

Think chainsaws decapitating him, sharp canes stabbing him in the eyes, axes flung at his crotch, and many more fitting ways that would inflict the same kind of torture Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, had unleashed on his victims over the years. It almost offers a solemn cathartic relief to see the real-life serial killer get murderer - brutally so - over and over again, after the ways he had taken so many innocent lives as his victims. In short, the finale is already off to a brilliant start!

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