AHS Weekly Review: Michael Langdon takes sexual tension to a whole new level

He knows everything, he can hear everything and he hits where it hurts when you're least expecting it - Ryan Murphy's take on satan's spawn, Michael Langdon is truly refreshing

                            AHS Weekly Review: Michael Langdon takes sexual tension to a whole new level

"I'm gay, but I f**ked a girl in high school. And I finished, and she did too, I think. It's hard to tell with girls."

Time and time again, 'American Horror Story' seems to rise like a phoenix from the ashes which is fitting for this season since a handful of people are trying to keep humanity alive. At least, they seem to be up until the second episode 'The Morning After'. Shocking as hell, the episode is already making us question everything we've ever known about the Apocalypse. Trust us when we say everything because it's a lot - from fan theories to easter eggs, Ryan Murphy trumps each one of them like a walk in the park. 

In the last episode, we were left entirely sure of the fact that Venable was going to die. She had screwed up the order, made up her own rules and her gravest crime of all - betrayed the mysterious Cooperative.

As Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) walked in like a really scary know-it-all, we were pretty convinced that it was bye bye Vens and welcome new world order boss. She's still alive and dishing whips but at least we were right about her death. Michael likes to play with his food before he eats it, clearly. 


A whole new layer to so many of the characters is unlocked. Mikey is getting everyone's pulse points in order. Venable's shame, Gallant's pain, and Evie's gay disdain write themselves like a poem in front of Mikey's eyes. There's something incredibly unsettling about Michael Langdon, the anti-christ. It's not that he's got 10 legs or a burnt face - he's so calm, it's terrifying. He knows everything, he can hear everything and he hits where it hurts when you're least expecting it. Murphy's take on satan's spawn is truly refreshing.

Oddly, he even manages to be attractive. I'm not sure if it's all that silky hair that just doesn't budge or that really great cut crease eyeshadow look or if it is his intensity, but Mikey is hot.

There's so much sexual tension in the episode, you could cut it with a knife. Mikey makes Venable take off her dress and while at first, it looks like they might kiss as she's teary and vulnerable (romcoms have ruined us), he just snaps back with a look that says, 'you're all lamb for slaughter'. Venable's fighting spirit is truly commendable for sure. She seems like a woman who's worked hard to climb up the ladder and eventually turned bitter. He's so detached from the suffering of others, yet so good at making them let down their guard, it's frightening. He does the same thing to Gallant - he seduces him first, then goes and completely denies anything to do with it.

Here are the shockers - snakes have penetrated the 'impregnable' Outpost 3. Are these from the 'Coven' since they keep coming back to life? They were soup one second, very much alive the next. Get this, Miriam Mead is a robot. Explains her loyalty. Plus Timothy Campbell (Kyle Allen) shoots her so she's dying. There's barely a hospital anywhere so a robot repair shop may be hard to come by. The only predictable thing that happened in this episode is that Timothy and Emily finally had sex. 


The 'Murder House' rubber man is back and banging (if you know what I mean) by the way, although Jessica Lange is still a no-show. This episode didn't really deliver any easter eggs on the surface but we can make our guesses with all the 'classified' information.

Mikey will leave Venable behind which means we will see a truly horrendous ending to this Sarah Paulson avatar. Michael is probably a witch - maybe the Supreme. He's got a cyanide pill-like concoction that will put you to sleep in the palm of his hand and he clearly isn't afraid to push it down someone's throat. With his powers, he may even just ask them to pop it and they will. 

The snakes are Michael's pals. They don't bother him at all and they showed up only after Mikey came to Outpost 3. If you look at the biblical references, snakes are pals with the devils too. While we have been made to believe that the coven is our savior this season, are they actually the bad guys? Are they worshipping Michael, their Supreme? There's also a chance that he went rogue and 'Coven' Supreme Cordelia Foxx will come to the rescue. The possibilities are infinite. 

As far as Mead is concerned, is it possible that this is Madame Delphine from season 3? Was her head chopped off and stuck to this robot's head? She's certainly got the cunningness from the racist character from 'Coven'. 

Who knows what the end will bring? We are two episodes down, eight more to go. 'American Horror Story' airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on FX.


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