'American Horror Story Apocalypse': 5 insane fan theories that totally add up!

The first episode let us in on very little as to what is going to happen, but the fandom has followed the show for far too long to not connect the dots!

                            'American Horror Story Apocalypse': 5 insane fan theories that totally add up!

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' made its debut last week and Ryan Murphy delivered, as promised. He has a habit of holding secrets close to his chest and shocking us all at the big reveal and this season does the same. The first episode gives us little clue as to what is going to happen, but the fandom has followed the show for far too long to not connect the dots! As 'Apocalypse' tells us its secrets through the season, let's take a look at some of the almost accurate fan theories that could very well be true. 



1. The 9 circles of hell theory

There's a theory that suggests (Ryan Murphy himself retweeted) that all the seasons of 'AHS' are related and that they revolve around Dante's 9 circles of hell. Limbo, Lust, Gluttony,  Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery. 'AHS: Apocalypse' is a crossover between season 1 'Murder House' and season 3 'Coven' so it wouldn't be surprising if Murphy decided to mix and match some sins. While most of these have been covered by the previous seasons, we would speculate that 'Apocalypse' may just be all about violence or a mix of lust and violence since its a crossover. 



Case in point, Michael Langdon aka the devil himself.  Michael is a result of rape (lust and violence), and the apocalypse is a result of violence. He was born when Tate raped Vivien in the first season. Murphy has also subtly nodded to the theory. Was that his inspiration?

2. The Murder House is actually an outpost 



Michael Langdon is the greatest clue so far to support this theory. He mentions that there's a "sanctuary" somewhere that is much safer than Outpost 3 and he will pick and choose people to take there with him. The Outpost is the shelter from the nuclear winter we have been seeing so far that Sarah Paulson aka Venable is in charge of.  Is this the murder house? They are trying to construct a new world after all, and Michael is the king in his own regard. Since the house locks the souls that die in its premises forever, this could very well be Langdon's way of creating the new world - the world of the dead. The house also holds immense evil powers and Mikey was born there. 

3. The witches are the mutants 

Remember when Michael tells Venable that the other three outposts have been compromised after survivor mutants broke into its walls? I think that the coven actually survived the nuclear winter and the blast, thanks to magic and have decided to take Langdon down. They are the good guys this season and it is possible that they want to restore the world order. Cordelia Foxx's potions could have strengthened the witches and the Supreme may have taken the gang and flown off to LA to keep that one outpost safe from Mikey's clutches. 



We know the Cooperative is actually a good and well-meaning organization. Are the witches the Cooperative? the trailers have shown them trying to conduct an experiment in one of the outposts, so are these guys heading the show? 

There's also a chance that the witches are in fact colluding with Michael and that he's the ultimate Supreme. The theory suggests that the apocalypse is a way for the witches to draw more power and that they staged the whole thing because their Supreme Michael wanted it. This theory definitely has the shock value since we ended things with the witches in 'Coven' on good terms. We also know there aren't always happy endings in 'AHS'. 

4. Emily Lee is connected to someone in 'Roanoke' or she is Eve

What? Yes! 

While we know where Timothy came from, we don't exactly know what Emily's backstory is. But that name is familiar. Remember officer Lee Harris, who was the main character in the season 6 'Roanoke'? Well, she had a daughter named Emily who was kidnapped as a baby and was never found. Someone stole her from her car and that was it. Is this Emily the same one? Theories suggest that Emily was raised in the forest by the tribes and was eventually given up to Lilith, the evil demoness who is said to have spelled doom for mankind. Has she been placed in the outpost with Timothy just so she can keep an eye on him? She's fearless - a little too rebellious like she knows that she will be okay. She also shows signs of loyalty when pushed, implying Tim to watch and learn.


There is also a theory that suggests that Tim and Em are actually Adam and Eve and will continue the lineage of man after the fog lifts. They're both gifted (which is why they were saved) so is the pair's budding romance a glimpse from the Bible? There's also plenty of snakes involved in the trailers so far. 

5. The underworld will be involved

This season there's a possibility that the coven will travel to the underworlds. Will Papa Legba be involved? He's the only other force that we've seen in the two seasons that is strong enough to take on Mikey but he demands sacrifices. So will the witches take a chance with him? 



There's also a possibility that they will bring back some of the dead characters from the underworld physically.  Foxx may use Descensum to visit some dead women who were of great help in season 3 - Misty, Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates), and Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett). Marie has had the ultimate experience in handling Legba. We don't know for sure but Misty Ray could be that extra backup they need since everyone is dead. Vitalum Vitalis could help Foxx balance out the scales of life and death - so there's a chance that she may end up killing some people to bring them back. 

These theories are so convincing, it's hard not to get to the end of the season.

The premiere blew me away, even though the ratings didn't really reflect the awesomeness. The show's viewership fell by a million this time, bringing in only 5.7 million total viewers when compared to 'AHS: Cult's 6.91 million. Nonetheless, the show continues to be loved by loyal fans. This week's 'Morning After' will hopefully speed things up as Jessica Lange makes her much awaited debut. She will be coming back as grandma Constance Langdon, the woman who raised Michael, the anti-christ. Who's excited to see how well she's aged?

 'American Horror Story' airs every Thursday at 10 pm on FX.