'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 4: Chef Bertie departs with her wit and sandwiches, fans mourn and say she deserved better

Fans called Bertie a 'real one' who was 'too pure' for the world after she jumped in to save Xavier from Jingles.

                            'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 4: Chef Bertie departs with her wit and sandwiches, fans mourn and say she deserved better

This article contains spoilers for Season 9, Episode 4: 'True Killers.'

American Horror Story: 1984's kill lit for tonight, aka episode 4, was tragic. Sadness befell the fandom as one of the most precious characters on the show - Chef Bertie - passed on to a happier place, in the most gruesome way possible, and fans can't stop mourning for her, calling her a 'real one' and the 'true hero' for her witty, always-ready-with-a-sandwich demeanor.

Chef Bertie managed the kitchen at Camp Redwood, and granted, we hadn't seen her for most of the season, except in passing here and there. But she managed to exude this warm, homely aura that fans took notice of. In tonight's episode, when Xavier arrives at the kitchen after fleeing from two serial killers on the loose, he warns Bertie to take refuge elsewhere because Jingles will get them all. 

In her ever-so-composed manner, Bertie talks about her sandwiches, claiming there's be a bus full of homesick campers arriving in the morning, whose only cure is a bologna sandwich, and she must get to finish making them by then. Xavier tries his best to reason with her until he sees Jingles' silhouette in the glass door and hides under the table. When Jingles enters the kitchen and approached Bertie, it becomes clear that they have known each other for a while. She talks to him calmly, telling him she didn't know he was out of the asylum and even proceeds to make a PB&J sandwich for him because she remembers that's what he likes.


Sadly, her kindness and calm compassion she shows the man who has been accused of mass murder escapes his conscience. Jingles figures Xavier is hiding and attacks him, but Bertie jumps right in to save the camper - leading Jingles to wound Bertie near fatally. After he leaves the kitchen, Xavier - who is still present there in hiding - comes to Bertie's rescue. By then, it is too late, and Bertie, writhing in agonizing pain begs Xavier to put her out of her misery, which the boy eventually does.

The tense, but the heartbreaking scene has struck the fandom too hard - probably harder than finding out about the real killer at Camp Redwood from 14 years back, and taking to Twitter, they shared their tributes for the fallen hero whose kindness became her downfall. Twitter user and AHS fan @EB0YBEOM stuck to the point, kept it short and simple, and tweeted: "Bertie deserved better." Another fan, @NA_PostGrad paid tribute to the character, saying: "Bertie went out like a real hero - I’ll never forget her." User @kayespooky remarked: "Chef Bertie really is too pure for this world," and @lollipop2498 spoke for all of us in unison when they shared: "Bertie is the real hero of the season. You can't tell me shit."

Here's to our fallen hero who only had wit and sandwiches made of love and care to share for all! 'American Horror Sory: 1984' airs on Wednesdays at 10pm only on FX.

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