'American Horror Story: 1984' finale: Donna and Brooke are both 'Final Girls', but fans are convinced they are 'lovers' too

Donna and Brooke have been ride or dies ever since Donna gave Brooke the fake lethal injection the night her death sentence was being carried out, and 30 years later, nothing has changed.

                            'American Horror Story: 1984' finale: Donna and Brooke are both 'Final Girls', but fans are convinced they are 'lovers' too

This article contains spoilers for season 9, episode 9: 'Finale Girl'.

The series finale of 'American Horror Story: 1984' gave fans a lot of feels when it came to BFF goals, Donna and Brooke. But while they were glad to see that Donna got to be the eponymous 'Final Girl' alongside Brooke, they are also convinced that there's no chance the two don't end up as lovers at some point in time or another.

The current timeline of the final episode of season 9 was 2019 and Mr. Jingles' son Bobby finally made his way back to Camp Redwood as he believed he could meet his father in there. But after Montana's soul trapped in the camp's purgatorial grounds like many others informed him of the fate Jingles succumbed to, and how nobody has seen him since the festival back in the 80s, Bobby is eventually attacked by Richard Ramirez - the Satanic serial killer who had vowed to kill Jingles' son.

Bobby, however, makes his way out of the camp, with a knife sticking out his back as he manages to reach what looks like the nearest medical facility around the camp's vicinity. The establishment turns out to be a mental facility and he almost gets locked up when Donna spots him and is immediately taken with him after realizing his identity. The two discuss the camp's past and Donna talks about watching Brooke die from an accidental gunshot wound fired by Donna in an attempt to kill Margaret Booth instead. Donna watched Brooke fall to the ground unconscious and bleeding out of her guts and that's the last she saw of her, before managing to make it out of the horrid place alive. But while she assumed Brooke died, the 'final Girl' until now was actually saved by Ray's ghost, and made her way out of the camp too.


Thirty years later, as Donna shares the story with Bobby, he asks her what if Brooke manages to survive? What if Donna wasn't the only 'Final Girl' as Margaret was eventually taken out brutally by the camp's trapped souls roaming the grounds? Turns out, he's not wrong. The two are able to track Brooke down all the way to Alaska and find out that she has been the one sending Bobby money all his life. Wholesome as this might be, it is Brooke and Donna's reunion that has fans convinced that there's no way the two are just friends. As Brooke apologizes to Donna for not reaching out to her in three decades since the traumatizing incident, Donna tells her she isn't mad about anything, she just wishes she could be a part of Brooke's life all these years. 

It's touching and sentimental - sure a tear-jerker for good reason if not anything else. The two badass ladies formed an unlikely duo but never for once did they not have each other's backs ever since Donna gave Brooke a false lethal injection when she was sentenced to die. Since then they have taken on the series killer Bruce, returned to the camp to take on Margaret, and years later, all they have is solidarity and support for each other in a beautiful friendship where grudges and grievances don't mean a thing.

Reflecting on the same, a fan shared on Twitter: "Donna and Brooke were lovers don’t change my mind." Another one shared: "Brooke and Donna becoming friends is the best thing about this season."A third one remarked: "donna and brooke together for life. yup we never lose on my page." Could there be any better way for the friendship to come full circle? We think not!

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