'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 5 sees Brooke lose her virginity to a ghost and fans suspect there's an 'antichrist pregnancy' coming

'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 5 sees Brooke lose her virginity to a ghost and fans suspect there's an 'antichrist pregnancy' coming

This article contains spoilers for season 9, episode 5: 'Red Dawn'.

Brooke Thompson just lost her virginity on 'American Horror Story: 1984' to a ghost and no, it wasn't the ghost of her dead fiancé who killed three people including himself on their wedding, at the alter. Instead, Emma Roberts' pivotal character loses her virginity to her secretly dead camp-mate - Ray - amidst the woods surrounding Camp Redwood.

Ray died early on in the season after he left fellow camper Chet lying in a pit full of swords, only to meet his own death just moments later. Turns out, the boy never really realizes that he's dead, so when there's a sweet reunion amidst the fear and tension thanks to two cold-blooded serial killers terrorizing the camp premises, Brooke doesn't exactly know about Ray's death.

The two hide inside a cabin and have a sweet heart-to-heart moment, which is also probably the only time the two have had a proper conversation on the show. Somehow their chemistry seems to be on point and clicks off right away, leading to Brooke opening up about never being sure of actually being in love with her fiancé. Ray's comforting words urge her to kiss him on the lips out of the blue, and in a fit of young adult impulse and probably reckless abandon, the two get to business on the cabin floor with two murderers running around. 



Soon, Brooke also admits that this was her first time and this is seconds before she goes looking for water in the fridge and finds Ray's entire decapitated head lying inside. That's when the two learn about his death, and their shock was nothing compared to how fans feel about the fact that Brooke lost her virginity to a ghost. 

User @rockin9pearls shared: "Wow Brooke, your first time was with a ghost #AHS  I bet you never have another experience like that." And hilarious as it might be, fans have come up with speculations of an antichrist baby being in the making - along the lines of AHS' previous seasons 1: 'Murder House', and season 8: 'Apocalypse'. 

Twitter user @PanaNegra shared: "You just f*cked a ghost and we know what happens to women who fuck a ghost in the American Horror Story universe," and chiming in, fellow fan @Loceim noted: "And she was a virgin!! yep ..i smell another antichrist pregnancy."


'American Horror Story: 1984' airs on Wednesdays at 10pm only on FX.

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