'American Horror Story: 1984' Season 9 Episode 8 teases deadly murderers meeting their idols and the evolution of our Final Girl

Bloodthirsty serial killers, a gang of undead camp counselors and a crazy woman who wants to shine — will our Final Girl live to tell her tale?

                            'American Horror Story: 1984' Season 9 Episode 8 teases deadly murderers meeting their idols and the evolution of our Final Girl

This article contains spoilers for Season 9 Episode 7 'The Lady in White'

The upcoming episode eight of 'American Horror Story: 1984' titled 'Rest in Pieces' teases more bloodbath and slasher action to come with just the name itself.

Among other things will be Richard Ramirez finally meeting his Idol, Brooke Thompson's gradual evolution into the signature "final girl", and of course — Margaret Booth's expected downfall. 

The official synopsis reveals that in next week's episode eight, "A deadly trio emerges, hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood. Our former counselors desperately try to keep history from repeating itself."

Given the state of things, there are multiple choices for the deadly trio's members, considering there's a new serial killer on his way to the camp.

The camp, meanwhile, is already haunted by a bunch of undead camp counselors, a man wrongly accused of having murdered innocents on the grounds back in the past, and of course, our Satan-worshiping murderer who keeps coming back to life.

With Dylan McDermot's serial killer Bruce on his way towards the camp, it's possible that he joins hands with Jingles and Ramirez to emerge as the deadly trio.

But Jingles and Ramirez are anti each other, so that leaves the option of the Lady in White (Lily Rabe) joining hands with the two living serial killers on Camp Redwood's grounds.

There's also a possibility that Jingles joins forces with Brooke and Donna — as they are the only relatively normal people among the rest of the crowd, thus leading to another prospective deadly trio. 


Before that, however, let's look at what the promotional teaser for the upcoming episode reveals. The trailer opens with Ramirez (Zach Villa) arriving on the grounds of Camp Redwood and killing pretty much every band performing at the Halloween music festival before the events even start.

The only one he leaves alone is Billy Idol, who seems to be stoked that Ramirez is a Satan worshipper. It's remarkable how none of the famous people can identify him as a serial killer though. Do celebrities not check the news? Well, if they did, nobody would be getting slashed left right and center, so there's that.

Moving on, Brooke (Emma Roberts) and Donna's (Angelica Ross) friendship keeps flourishing as the two badass ladies become a ride or die. Donna tells Brooke about every horror story's signature "final girl" — the one that survives to tell the tale and how it's likely that Brooke is the final girl in this scenario.

But before we find out how her arc pans out, we are treated to another face-off between Ramirez and Jingles, both trying to gut each other out. 

The most exciting part is, however, the expected downfall of Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman) — the woman who had been the real killer behind the first round of camp murders.

Considering the Lady in White was the one who had provoked Margaret to go on her murderous spree, viewers can look forward to that murderous duo reuniting, especially after Margaret finds out there is a killer on the loose, killing off bands like Kajagoogoo and the other popular ones.

'American Horror Story: 1984' airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm only on FX.

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