'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 7 brought in alums Lily Rabe and Dylan McDermot and fans call it the 'best episode of the season'

'American Horror Story: 1984' Episode 7 brought in alums Lily Rabe and Dylan McDermot and fans call it the 'best episode of the season'

This article contains spoilers for season 9, episode 7.

'American Horror Story: 1984' finally brought back alums - Lily Rabe, and Dylan McDermot - and fans can't keep calm about how the recent seventh episode is the best one in the season so far, purely because of the two cast members from the past.

Rabe joined in as the homicidal maniac turned ominous spirit of Mr. Jingles' mother, who had unleashed the first-ever round of horrors on Camp Redwood, back when the camp wasn't even called Redwood. Rabe played the eponymous character in the episode titled 'Lady in White' and boy, was she terrifying. Unleashing her maniacal glory the way we have seen Jessica Lange do in past seasons of the show, Rabe channeled a whole new side of herself, allowing us to see the exact opposite of the goody two shoes she has always been on the show.

Actually, come to think of it, Rabe's White Lady avatar did bring back memories of her innocent-turned- devil's pawn Sister Mary Younis from the second season, 'Asylum' but this time she took things higher by more than just a notch and fans couldn't get enough of it. It's difficult to not swoon when Rabe portrayed a hateful dead mother who calls her own son a parasite and comes clean about having caused every single tragedy in his life so far. Only in Ryan Murphy's world!


'American Horror Story: 1984' episode 7 gifts us a homicidal Lily Rabe through the tragedy of Mr. Jingles' mommy issues (FX)

Taking it to social media, they were all praises, tweeting how "Tonight’s episode of american horror story was the best one all season which probably had everything to do with lily rabe." Another one made an interesting comparison between Rabe and Michelle Crane who played the mother of death in the 'Insidious' movie franchise, writing: "Lily Rabe channeled her inner Michelle Crane tonight!"

But as several fans declared that "Lily Rabe is one of the most brilliant actresses on American Horror Story," the same kind of overwhelming response was shown towards Dylan McDermot's return as the serial killer named Bruce. McDermot is no stranger to the role as he had played Asylum's woman-hunting serial killer with severe mommy issues, Bloodyface, and this time, he went around targeting women whom he would lure in under the ruse of a hitchhiker before proceeding to kill them. 


Bruce's stint so far has been quite unsuccessful, but in all fairness, he tried to take over newly united fierce duo Brooke and Donna of all people. He hopped into their car as a friendly stranger who fixed their engine, and before we knew it, he was shooting cops who demanded to see an ID, and later, totaled Brooke and Montana's car from behind after the girls kicked him out of the vehicle. Bruce even tried blackmailing Brooke to run over Donna, holding her at gunpoint, but of course, the ladies are too smart for any puny serial killer to take them over. 

Dylan McDermot comes with bangs and a pornstache as Bruce, the serial killer, in episode 7 'The Lady in White'. (FX)

Despite a failed murder attempt, the very fact that McDermot is back has managed to thrill fans who were quite sore that the OG stars were missing from this season of the anthology horror. One fan tweeted: "As i was watching this latest episode i was thinking back to the first AHS story and wondering why the actors from that show rarely appear in subsequent seasons then lo and behold i see Dylan McDermott in the background at the rolling rink. What a nice surprise!!" Another one shared: "any time dylan mcdermott shows up in american horror story I know shit is about to get bad!"


And speaking for all of us in unison, a third user shared: "Soooooooo for last week’s 100th episode we got ZERO original AHS actors but this week we get Lily Rabe AND Dylan McDermott??? @AHSFX go home, you’re drunk."

'American Horror Story: 1984' airs on Wednesdays at 10pm only on FX.

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