'American Horror Story: 1984' episode 4 proves fans were right about why Montana and Richard Ramirez wanted to kill Brooke

Remember when we thought one of the guys murdered at Brooke's wedding was related to Montana? Guess which one!

                            'American Horror Story: 1984' episode 4 proves fans were right about why Montana and Richard Ramirez wanted to kill Brooke

This article contains spoilers for episode 4.

'American Horror Story' has finally given us the backstory on 1984's Billie Lourd's character, Montana, and her unquenchable thirst to wipe the existence of Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts) from the world and fans must have a smug grin plastered on their faces, for having guessed her motive all along.

Last week, episode three ended with Montana being cornered by the show's Night Stalker, aka Richard Ramirez - the real-life serial killer played on AHS by Zach Villa. And right when we thought Montana's days were over, she pulled him in for an aggressive makeout session, before shoving him away with the fierce question: "Why haven't you killed her yet?"

The episode wrapped there and fans immediately took to social media to express their shock, and also shared speculations on the relationship the two shared and most of them were correct, as established by tonight's episode four. Turns out, Montana's brother was the guy murdered by Brooke's fiancé at her wedding. At the altar, Brooke's fiancé had accused her of sleeping with his best friend the night before their wedding, before proceeding to shoot the best friend and Brooke's dad who tried to stop him, and eventually himself, turning the wedding into a literal bloody massacre. 

Tonight's episode takes us back to the time Montana had first met Ramirez, and the tough guy - already a serial killer by then - showed up at one of her aerobics classes. The two hit it off immediately, and later, Ramirez hoists up the mangled body of one of Montana's students from her class, just because he overheard him screaming at her earlier. When Montana asks Ramirez if he would kill her too, he answers in the negative; when she asks if he would kill for her, he just points at his elaborate gift set up hanging from the ceiling, with intestines spilling out of his body - making it evident that he would. This is where Montana spills it all to Ramirez - telling him that her brother was the only one she had and Brooke took him from her. And once again, the fans were right. 

'American Horror Story: 1984' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm, only on FX. 

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