'American Horror Stories': Who is Rubber Woman? Here's how she could be linked to Rubber Man

'American Horror Stories' will have Rubber Man as well as Rubber Woman and their connection is sure to send shudders down your spine

                            'American Horror Stories': Who is Rubber Woman? Here's how she could be linked to Rubber Man
'American Horror Stories' shows the return of the Rubber Man, a popular character from 'American Horror Story' ([email protected])

'American Horror Stories', the highly anticipated spin-off of the hugely popular 'American Horror Story', features a whole new cast but from the trailer of the series which premieres on July 15, we can expect at least one familiar character — Rubber Man. This time though, he seems to have Rubber Woman for company. For those who need a little bit of an update on 'American Horror Story' history, Rubber Man initially came into being when Chad, a resident of Murder House, found that his partner was participating in BDSM chatrooms and bought a suit to spice things up. But while the suit was initially purchased by Chad Warwick (Zachary Quinto), it was later taken on by Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) for his Rubber Man alter-ego.

In the trailer, Rubber Woman is seen looking at Murder House from 'American Horror Story' Season 1, where it all began. Murder House, the setting for the first season of the show, is haunted by many spirits who can't move on. If you are a fan of 'American Horror Story' you will probably also enjoy shows like 'Ratched', 'Bates Motel' and 'Penny Dreadful'. 


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It may have seemed like there was closure for the Murder House characters during 'American Horror Story' but it looks like the spin-off series, which will include 16 stand-alone episodes, will give the characters a possible new lease of life. There isn't much information yet on what new terrors the Murder House characters will unleash, but it's safe to say that Rubber Man and Rubber Woman aren't on the best of terms since knives are literally drawn between the two. Some theories suggest that Rubber Woman could possibly be the tortured teenager Violet (Taissa Farmiga) who killed herself after crossing paths with Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) at the Murder House.

While others have donned Rubber Man's infamous suit, it is most closely associated with Langdon's character who raped Violet's mother. This could also explain the angst between Rubber Man and Rubber Woman in the trailer since Tate and Violet are on such bitter terms. Both Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga are confirmed to appear in the spin-off series, so we could get the answers to the Rubber Man and Rubber Woman mystery soon enough.

'American Horror Stories' premieres on FX on Hulu on July 15. You can catch the trailer below.