'American Gods' announces three new cast members for season 2

'American Gods' announces three new cast members for season 2
Ricky Whittle (Source : Getty Images)

Starz and FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) have announced that Dean Winters (Divorce, John Wick), Devery Jacobs (Cardinal, The Order), and Kahyun Kim (Shameless, Freaky Friday) have been cast in the roles of Mr Town, Sam Black Crow, and New Media for the second season of its hit fantasy drama series 'American Gods.'

Winter's Mr Town has been described as a strong believer in progress and has been tasked by Mr World, portrayed by Crispin Glover, to find out what Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) knows about Mr Wednesday's (Ian McShane) plan. His 'brutal efficiency and technique' will aid him in his quest.

Devery Jacobs' Sam Black Crow will be a recurring character on the show. Crow is a college student who is spiritually cynical despite hailing from a well-to-do background. Described as 'fierce and confident,' Crow makes money on the side by selling the chainsaw art she carves by the roadside.

Kahyun Kim's New Media — a goddess of global content, a 'cyberspace chameleon' and a master of manipulation — will similarly be a recurring character on the show. She will be replacing Gillian Anderson's character from season 1 who served as the public face and 'mouthpiece' of the New Gods.

Winters, Jacobs, and Kim boast of significant experience; Winters is for his role as O'Reily in HBO's Oz; Jacobs for her impressive debut leading role as Alia in the award-winning feature film Rhymes for Young Ghouls; and Kim, who is a graduate of the prestigious Drama School at Juilliard, for her guest starring role in Shameless.

Season 1 of 'American Gods' followed Whittle's Shadow Moon as he's released from prison into a world that he no longer understands; a world where the Old Gods have been made irrelevant by the new — those of technology and media. He's then acquainted with Mr Wednesday, who hires him as his bodyguard and hatches a plan that attempts to combat this threat and reunite the Old Gods to defend their existence.

The debut season of the show was received well by critics as well as audiences and was described as a 'bizarre, dazzling show' whose 'visual riches are matched by its narrative impact.'  

Jesse Alexander (Hannibal, Heroes) will serve as showrunner and executive producer for the season while FMNA's Stefanie Berk will executive produce alongside Neil Gaiman, Ian McShane, Craig Cegielski, and Scott Hornbacher. The premiere episode of season two will be directed by Chris Bryne of 'Star Trek Discovery' and 'Hannibal' fame.


Bryne will co-executive produce along with Heather Bellson and Rodney Barnes, while Lisa Kussner is producing. Senior Vice President of Original Programming Marta Fernandez and Manager of Original Programming Kathleen Clifford are the Starz executives in charge of 'American Gods,' with the eight-episode one-hour scripted drama series set to return to the network in 2019.

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 American Gods announces three new cast members season 2