Amber Rose flaunts her curves in skin-tight ensemble, dons blonde wig to spice up sizzling look

Amber Rose flaunts her curves in skin-tight ensemble, dons blonde wig to spice up sizzling look
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Though Amber Rose is following social distancing measures amid the COVID-19 lockdown, she is definitely not distancing herself from her fans. Her regular Instagram posts in different looks are proof of her love for her fans and followers.

The 36-year-old on Thursday night, April 23, took to Instagram to share a sizzling photo of herself as she posed in a white ensemble with a blonde wig. With her new snapshot, she left a very little to the imagination as she showcased her curvy figure in a tight white mini-skirt.

She paired the skirt that perfectly hung to her hips with a tight long-sleeved skintight top that zipped up both ways. The top did complete justice to her sexy body, exposing her cleavage and midriff just the right amount.

The ‘What Happened Last Night’ star kept her makeup and jewelry minimal for her lockdown photoshoot, as she left her sleek blonde hair open with nude lips and large gold hoop earrings. She captioned the picture, “Hood Bitch look like she from Malibu” followed by a flower emoji. Rose’s sultry look also made way to her Instagram stories for her 19.8 million followers to view.

This comes a few days after the SlutWalk founder treated her fans with a more casual look. For that photo, Rose wore a blue sweater and Versace Couture pants with retro Air Jordan sneakers. She also experimented with a sideways red baseball cap, black sunglasses, and a thick chain that did not disappoint her fans.

However, her social media posts are not just about her looks; the ‘Amber Rose Show’ host, who started her career as a model, also shares her daily life in quarantine. She recently shared cute footage of her six-month-old son Slash Electric laughing with his seven-year-old brother Sebastian.

She delivered Slash in October 2019. The boy was fathered by her boyfriend AE Edwards. In the video, which Rose uploaded to her Instagram story on Monday, April 20, Sebastian exclaimed, “Slash, you are so funny!” While the elder one remained behind the camera, he could be heard warmly laughing and giggling, while telling his younger brother, “Your face is falling asleep.”

In the past, Rose has given her honest opinions about what values she wants to teach her sons as they grow up. “I teach my son that a woman’s body is not a sexual object. It’s human anatomy. I feel like as parents when we talk to our children and make things very taboo and sexual and weird, or we’re like, "No, no, no, don’t look. I’m naked. Don’t come in," it makes them be like, 'Why? What’s the big deal'" When you don’t make things a big deal like that, they’re going to fully understand that the female body is just human anatomy,” she told Teen Vogue.

The activist also has a face tattoo featuring the names of her two sons on her forehead. Her inspiration behind the tattoo was the untimely death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, who died in a chopper crash in January. “I gotta be honest. And I don't want this to sounds corny or whatever. After Kobe died... it made me reflect on my life. And I don't want people to be like 'Oh Kobe died and you went and got a tattoo'. But it was kind of like that,” she said.


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