Amber Heard accused of attending 'satanic-styled' sex parties with billionaires

Amber Heard accused of attending 'satanic-styled' sex parties with billionaires
Amber Heard was the center of attention at the alleged parties (Instagram@amberheard)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Amber Heard has been accused of attending sex parties with some of the most powerful men in the world, including billionaires, in one of the most shocking stories that have come out since her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Writer Jessica Reed Kraus has allegedly been conducting in-depth research into Heard's past. She reported details of the orgies the actress allegedly attended with some of the wealthiest men in the world. The parties have been described as being straight out of a scene from the Stanley Kubrick film 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Kraus wrote that Heard was not only engaging in these parties but was also allegedly coercing other women to join them. The article also claims the actress was the center of attention at most of these events.


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Kraus noted in her substack House Inhabit how men would allegedly bow down in front of the blonde beauty as she would be sitting on a throne in front of them. "Tech gods, capitalists, founders, top executives, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs gathering roughly once a month for wild evenings fueled by alcohol, sex, and copious amounts of MDMA," the report stated. “Picture every man’s basic fantasy,” an unnamed celebrity who allegedly attended some of these parties reportedly told Kraus over a phone call. "A bunch of hot young girls, rubbing all over each other in satanic-styled leather outfits on stage, Amber on a throne-like chair at the center. Legs spread, with like, perfect p**n star p****s on display, performing sex acts for a room full of men watching below," the report described, as the anonymous celebrity added, “Everyone knew the girls were there for hire. To entertain socially inept billionaires.”


According to the article, Heard's connection to Elon Musk and these parties went as far back as 2011, when the tech billionaire and his then-wife would allegedly host soirees at their Beverly Hills residence. The report alleged that Heard became a quick favorite among the circle because “she had a knack for reeling in other young (usually gay) struggling actresses to work as escorts and make appearances or perform at these events for Musk and his tech cronies.” Heard's ex, Tasya Van Ree, and supermodel Cara Delevingne were also reportedly early participants at these parties. The article later cited a source calling Heard "the blackmail queen."


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Kraus also spoke to another source, identified in the article only as Gia, who said she was "enamored" by Heard despite not being attracted to women in the past.  As reported by Marca, she said as her relationship with the actress solidified, she was invited to the parties, “where she, Heard, and Musk engaged in scandalous behavior.” Gia also told Kraus that as her transgressions with Heard progressed, she became worried that "she was in danger." She added, “But oh boy she’s [Heard] actually a total psycho and not a doubt in my mind will kill somebody at some point if she has not already.”

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