Amber Heard's pal Eve Barlow blasted for saying Johnny Depp's gig before trial verdict proves he's no victim

Amber Heard's pal Eve Barlow blasted for saying Johnny Depp's gig before trial verdict proves he's no victim
Eve Barlow (L) is a British music journalist and a close friend of Amber Heard, who was banned from attending the defamation trial (Twitter, Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

British music journalist Eve Barlow, who is Amber Heard's close friend, is being slammed for claiming that Johnny Depp cannot be a victim because he gave a surprise performance in Sheffield during English rock guitarist Jeff Beck's UK tour.

Barlow tweeted, "So Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck. He played in Sheffield tonight, and will likely play the Royal Albert Hall in London tomorrow and Tuesday. That's the domestic abuse victim waiting for his defamation case verdict. The one who's been cancelled."


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Deadline reports, "Depp and Beck rocked out to their 2020 collaboration 'Isolation,' a remake of the John Lennon song released in 1970. The pair also performed covers of Marvin Gay's 'What's Going On' and Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing.' There's speculation Depp may also join Beck on his next two tour stops at London's Royal Albert Hall on May 30 and 31." The defamation trial is about to conclude with the closing statements done and only the decision of the jury pending.

Fans rejoiced on seeing Depp getting back into his zone while sporting freshly coloured hair. One user tweeted, "Johnny Depp's now back doing what he loves the most! Few days after end of the trial, he's on stage with Jeff Beck singing « isolation » « Victim of the insane.. »" Another said, "'isolation' by johnny depp and jeff beck. screaming inside."



Meanwhile, netizens were quick to slam Barlow for her tweet. One user tweeted, "Everyday I'm thankful Eve Barlow blocked me. I don't have to lose brain cells. It's a gift that keeps on giving." Another said, "Hi @Eve_Barlow, after being horrifically abused by my ex and dragged through court (and winning) I went on tour. I finally felt freedom and wanted to start my life as soon as possible and not let him control me anymore. Johnny's doing the right thing. #IStandWithJohnnyDepp."



A third wrote, "Jealousy is a ugly look @Eve_Barlow and green really don't suit u. Good 4 JD finally getting his life back now amber will no the definition of CANCELLED + trust me she won't gain her career back like Johnny. After 6 years of these lies y shouldn't he get his life bk?... Grow up." A fourth posted a meme, "Johnny Depp: *lives his life and immediately tries to heal from amber* Eve Barlow: [image]."



A fifth tweet said, "@Eve_Barlow @realamberheard Y'all are just ridiculous, jealous narcissistic sad people. Oh and by the way, if you're gonna post, don't shut off your comments! We all know who the victim is and it was him.." A sixth comment added, "Eve Barlow and Amber Heard are a match made in heaven. They're both privileged white women who are so desperate to seem marginalized that they invent tales of abuse and prejudice."




One user criticized Barlow, saying, "Eve's just pissed that Amber can't do her favourite pastimes: beating the shit out of people, defamation, cutting fingers off, 'masterminding' domestic abuse hoaxes, smuggling dogs, perjury or lying about donating millions of $ to critically ill kids. Those are 'frowned upon,'" another wrote, "Hey @Eve_Barlow thanks for announcing his plans for the next few days. Obsessed with #JohnnyDepp much? He deserves every bit of enjoyment he can get. He's been through hell. The truth is out there for us to see and hear. DV/SA survivors know an abuser when we see them."



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