Is Amber Heard the inspiration behind Snapchat's new crying filter? Company responds

Many people started to use the Snapchat's crying filter and share around the internet with the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp

                            Is Amber Heard the inspiration behind Snapchat's new crying filter? Company responds
Many people think that Snapchat's new crying filter is inspired by Amber Heard's emotional breakdown throughout the testimony (Photo: Law&Crime Network/YouTube and Snapchat)

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been the center of attention for several weeks. Heard's emotional breakdown in court has now been linked to a new sobbing filter on Snapchat. Heard cried in court throughout her testimony, and Snapchat quickly followed suit with the sobbing filter. Snapchat company has now responded to the claim.

Snapchat has denied producing a filter for Amber Heard's dramatic outburst in court, according to TMZ. It claims that the filter had been in the works for six months before Heard’s trial. The filter is simply an augmented-reality lens that you superimpose over people's visage, turning them into a blubbering mess like a virtual Greek tragedy mask, for the digitally uninformed. Since its debut last week, the feature has racked up over 1.3 billion Snapchat impressions as users across the internet make sobbing faces over recordings.


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Amber Heard’s viral testimonial

Heard broke down in tears on the witness stand last week as she spoke about how her ex-husband Johnny Depp sexually attacked her with a liquor bottle and threatened her life shortly after they married. She talked about the day she visited Depp in Australia approximately a month after their wedding in early 2015 when Depp took off her nightgown and put her on a ping-pong table after an argument. Heard also alleged that Depp shoved a bottle in her vagina. While this testimony began to flame, not many supported Heard’s story.


Twitter reactions

After the crying filter alluded to the defamation trial, many Twitter users shared their thoughts. One user wrote, “Someone on TikTok said that Amber Heard should’ve used that crying filter on Snapchat & damn aha yall really be going hard on this case 😭😂” Another user wrote, “Why is the new crying filter on Snapchat more believable than Amber Heard’s testimony?” while another said, “The media is going crazy because people are making fun of Amber Heard & reenacting her horrible acting on stand on tiktok and Snapchat. I absolutely love how they losing there minds. They’re just upset that people are defending a REAL dv victim Johnny Depp. #JusticeForJohhnyDepp.” 







Another user said, “Amber heard should use that new crying filter on snapchat, it actually gives you tears #amberheardisapsychopath”. One person wrote, “This new crying filter on Snapchat does a better job at crying than Amber Heard. #JusticeForJohnny” and posted a picture of himself using the filter. Another person wrote, “Saw someone said that snapchat crying filter is an amber heard filter and i swear i kinda had a good laugh 😭”