Amber alert canceled: Texas girl Neveah Chaseberry found safe after she was missing for more than 10 days

Officers were looking for 53-year-old Ray Chaseberry, who is said to be driving a gold Lexus GS300 with license plate number JFT9567

                            Amber alert canceled: Texas girl Neveah Chaseberry found safe after she was missing for more than 10 days
Neveah Chaseberry, suspect Ray Chaseberry (Amber Alert/ Issued by Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

Update: Three-year-old Neveah Chaseberry who was missing for more than ten days has been found safe. The Longview Police Department said she has reunited with her family after an Amber Alert was issued for her. No other details have emerged yet into the case.

LONGVIEW, TEXAS: Authorities have issued an Amber alert for a three-year-old girl, who has been missing for more than a week. Neveah Chaseberry was last seen on July 15 at around 6 pm in the evening in the street of W Melton Longview, Texas. Police believe that the child may be in grave or immediate danger. The alert issued by Texas Department of Public Safety has described Neveah’s weight at around 30 pounds and height at 2′6′', with black hair and brown eyes.

Besides, police are also looking for 53-year-old Ray Chaseberry in connection with the girl’s kidnapping. His height is given as 5’11 and weight as 260 pounds. The suspect also has black hair and brown eyes. “Tattoos on left and right arm, abdomen, chest, and back. Discoloration on abdomen, left and right left, and has a scar on left elbow,” the Amber Alert stated. Officials have also said that Ray was driving a gold Lexus GS300, with license plate number JFT9567. The car reportedly has a tinted window and a spoiler on the trunk. Anyone with information about the girl or the suspect is urged to call the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1199.

This comes after an Amber alert was canceled after a girl who was reported missing from her Madison hotel room on Monday, July 13, was later found alone and unharmed in a nearby cabin. The alert was launched after Naomi Rose Herring disappeared from her room at around 2 am at the Deerwood Inn & Madison Campground. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said the five-year-old girl was found by staff at a nearby campground alone in a vacant cabin. "Deputies believe that she left the motel room in an effort to find her mother, got lost, and wandered onto the campground. She appears healthy,” Plessinger added.

Earlier, a release on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Amber Alert website mentioned that "Naomi Rose Herring is considered endangered". When officers responded to the scene after a report of a missing child, they were “informed (Naomi) was last seen asleep in one of the motel rooms at approximately 12:30 a.m. along with another child in the care of an adult male," Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart said in the release. Her mother returned to the room at around 1:40 am and found the door closed but unlocked. "Upon entering the room, the remaining occupants were sleeping but Naomi was not inside," the Sheriff's Office said.

In another incident, an Amber alert was issued for a three-year-old girl after her father, Howard Jansen III, walked into the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department on July 10, and filed a missing person report. Howard reportedly told investigators that he last saw Olivia Jansen at 11 pm on July 9 when he went to sleep at his home on the 4400 Block of Gibbs Road. He said he woke up at 5:30 am and found her daughter missing.

The father also alleged that the door to his house was open and reported Olivia missing three hours later because he could not find her. KCPD spokesman Tom Tomasic said they heard "several stories throughout the day" and that "none of them made sense."

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