CBS set to air The Amazing Race's new episode next week as it makes way for 'Survivor' season 38 finale

'The Amazing Race' will also see a shift in its timeslot, moving up to the Wednesdays-at-8 slot starting May 22

                            CBS set to air The Amazing Race's new episode next week as it makes way for 'Survivor' season 38 finale

'The Amazing Race' season 31's fifth episode did not air on CBS on May 15, as it made way for 'Survivor's 38th season finale and usual reunion episode. TAR made a social media announcement regarding the same and said in a tweet that while there won't be an episode on Wednesday, fans "can catch the season finale of @survivorcbs tonight to see some intense competition." The Race also dropped a reminder that there will be a double-episode next week, on May 22.

The Race in Vietnam (Source: Twitter)

With 'Survivor' coming to an end, TAR will take over its slot on CBS, starting May 22. The Race will be moving up to the Wednesdays-at-8 slot, although it's unclear whether there will be more double episodes following the one next week. CBS has not released its listings for the next month, but only one episode is scheduled for May 29 at the moment. The preview after last week's episode had made no mention of the break this week. With the Emmy nominations voting slated to begin on June 10, TAR may have to air a few more doubles and get the show moving before the nominations voting or make all June episodes eligible by giving advance online access to academy members by the May 31 deadline. 

TAR's Twitter handle had also dropped a hilarious video of Phil Keoghan right before announcing the one-week break. The video featured the TAR host recalling the time when he was shooting with the Race in Norway, and tried sumo wrestling to work out, as it was on TV there. Keoghan speaks about how he made a "sumo wrestling type pair of pants" with the bathrobe tie and began skipping, before tripping and whacking his head on the coffee table. Bleeding from his head, Keoghan was worried not about the wound, but "Oh my god, can you imagine" what would happen if he was found dead in his sumo outfit that had fallen to his ankles, with a skipping rope in his hand, watching sumo wrestling in Norway.

The Race has been shuffled around in various primetime slots on CBS through the course of its 31 season journey which started in 2001.

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