'The Amazing Race' will soon get a new time slot on CBS

'The Amazing Race' will soon get a new time slot on CBS

Ten-time Emmy winning reality show 'The Amazing Race' premiered on CBS Television Network on April 17 — a month earlier from its initial premiere date of May 27. With this move, the broadcasting network also pushed LeBron James' 'Million Dollar Mile' from its Wednesday slot to Saturdays, as 'The Amazing Race' would now air in its 9-10 pm (ET/PT) primetime slot. This move came about due to 'Million Dollar Mile's poor ratings — the show is in the seventh place on CBS' reality show rankings, with just 3.5 million viewers, while 'The Amazing Race' has more than 5 million viewers and 'Survivor' has more than 7 million. 

Now, with 'Survivor' wrapping up season 38 on May 15 with two back-to-back episodes, TAR will take over its slot on CBS, starting May 22. The Race will be moving up to the Wednesdays-at-8 slot, and CBS has announced a double episode on May 22, since it will not be airing its fifth episode on May 15. The fifth and sixth installments will be aired together on May 22. The Race has been shuffled around in various primetime slots on CBS through the course of its 31 season journey which started in 2001.

Rupert and Laura Boneham (Credit: CBS)

It is not known, as of now, whether the Race will continue to air in double episodes for the rest of season, although this may be a possibility with the Emmy Awards just around the corner. Emmy nominations voting begins on June 10 this year and will end by June 24. So the Race can either air a few more doubles and get the show moving before the nominations voting, or make all June episodes eligible by giving advance online access to academy members by the May 31 deadline. CBS has not revealed its listings beyond the week of May 20 yet.  

CBS had skillfully allotted TAR the timeslot (9-10 pm) leading out of 'Survivor's 8 pm slot since the Race is featuring its first ever reality TV showdown this season with previous Racers, Houseguests and Castaways, all competing for the $1 million prize. Fans have been supporting their favorite teams as well as shows on the reality clash, and now, with 'Survivor' coming to an end, the Race will probably see an increase in viewership. With 'Survivor' icons Rupert and Laura eliminated at the end of episode two, many viewers are now rooting for the rest of their 'Survivor' family as they move forward in the Race.


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