'The Amazing Race's double episode has teams chasing after glowing eggs, counting stairs and making sandwiches in Dubai and Uganda

'The Amazing Race's double episode has teams chasing after glowing eggs, counting stairs and making sandwiches in Dubai and Uganda

'The Amazing Race' season 31's fifth and sixth episodes aired on May 23 at 8/7c on CBS, moving the reality show up by a slot from its earlier timing after the 'Survivor' finale. In a double episode that started from Dubai's beautifully lit up skyline and ended in making sandwiches in Uganda, teams had to chase down glowing eggs and face their first Head-to-Head battle in the eventful double episode.

The new episode in Dubai could easily be called the most fun and exciting one on this season of the Race, as the eight remaining teams hobbled around a garden in Tyrannosaurus Rex outfits, collecting glowing eggs. The other alternative in the Detour, first picked by teams Afghanimals' Leo and Jamal and Colin and Christie, was to leap off Dubai's highest building. 



'Survivor' team Chris and Bret did exceptionally well in the egg-collecting challenge, launching themselves into first place. Following this, team Fun's Floyd and Becca nailed the RoadBlock where they must identify who is listening to a DJ's beats in a packed nightclub, and are in the first place to the Pit Stop where they won $ 5,000 for finishing first. 'Big Brother's Rachel and Elissa finished the leg last, in a mess of tears, but were not eliminated as it was a Non-Elimination Leg.

Landing in Uganda for the sixth leg, teams had to rush to the Kampala National Mosque, where they had to count the number of steps to the top of a tower. Victor and Nicole got the count right first — 272 steps — and are in first place followed by Colin and Christie. Janelle and Britney were lagging behind as they were stuck in traffic. In a fun RoadBlock that came up next, teams had to make a "Rolex" sandwich after shopping for the proper ingredients. It's basically a fried, rolled egg sandwich, like Victor exclaimed before he showed off his impeccable cooking skills, keeping him and Nicole in the first place. 

Rachel and Elissa took time to finish the mosque challenge and had to complete their Speedbump — do some laundry by hand washing dirty clothes and finding a place to hang them. Meanwhile, Janelle and Britney had trouble finding the Rolex stand at the Road Block. Colin and Christie, Victor and Nicole and Tyler and Korey all reached the Detour at the same time, which required teams to either catch fish and preserve them in salt or load firewood onto a bicycle, transport it and stack it appropriately. Tyler and Korey finished the Detour first, heading to the season's first Head to Head Battle. Teams had to stack drums in a color specific pattern. The winner will check in to the Pit Stop and the loser must wait to compete against the other team.

'Big Brother' teams Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney reached the Head-to-Head battle last and were pitted against each other. In the face-off, Rachel defeated Britney and the teams hugged it out in tears as Janelle and Britney were eliminated from the Race.

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