'The Amazing Race' fans feel 'Big Brother's Rachel and Elissa should have been eliminated instead of Janelle and Britney

'The Amazing Race' fans feel 'Big Brother's Rachel and Elissa should have been eliminated instead of Janelle and Britney

'The Amazing Race' just wrapped up its double fifth and sixth episode and while the fifth one was a non-elimination leg, episode six saw 'Big Brother's Janelle and Britney get eliminated from the Race. The episodes, which took teams to Dubai and Uganda, saw challenges like sandwich-making, chasing glowing eggs and the season's first Head-to-Head battle. The eventful double episode came after the 'Survivor' finale, which meant the Race would move up to its timeslot. The leg in Dubai was especially fun to watch, as teams leaped off Dubai's highest building and hobbled around a garden in Tyrannosaurus Rex outfits.

'Big Brother' team Rachel and Elissa are best known for their dramatic behavior, after team Corinne and Eliza who were eliminated in leg four of the Race. Rachel and Elissa were lagging behind throughout leg five of the Race, starting with when their driver took a wrong exit right after they landed in Dubai.

The team also struggled a bit at the Detour but were able to quickly complete the RoadBlock, but still remained in the last place. Meeting Phil at the Pit Stop, the duo found out to their great relief that it was a non-elimination round. The leg in Uganda was kinder to Rachel and Elissa as they came seventh place and another 'Big Brother' team Janelle and Britney were eliminated. Janelle and Britney were stuck in traffic for a good amount of time in Uganda, while Rachel and Elissa managed to complete their Speedbump in time. The teams met each other in the Head-to-Head battle, where Rachel defeated Britney. Hugging it out, Janelle and Britney bid a tearful adieu to the Race's season 31.

Fans, however, were not excited by this turn of events and the fact that the Dubai leg was a non-elimination one. Rachel and Elissa make for good television but are disliked by many fans, who would rather have seen them leave the show instead of Janelle and Britney. "I love how Elissa balances Rachel out and I love Janelle and Britney too, so I would've been sad either way," said a fan on Reddit.


Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater (Photo credit: CBS)

"No freaking way Rachel and her sister saved from going home!!!! No way!!!" wrote an anguished fan on Twitter. "Rachel is good TV and I'm liking Elissa, but Rachel's temper annoys me," said another.

Some fans were of the opinion that the Dubai leg shouldn't have been a non-elimination one since it was a double episode with a Head-to-Head Battle. "I think it defeated the purpose of having the Battle in the second episode. So Rachel and Elissa were safe from the non-elimination leg and had to do an extra task, but that didn't even matter dut to the Head-to-Head. It seemed ill-placed for a non-elimination leg!" said a fan.


There are also fans who are more than happy to have Janelle and Britney leave. "I am sad that Britni and Janelle got eliminated but wasn't surprised. They were making too many mistakes on past legs. Hope they consider doing it again!!" commented a TAR and 'Big Brother' follower.

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