Alleged Texas Trump supporter punches man at Buc-ee's, Internet says 'needs some jail time' as video goes viral

Alleged Texas Trump supporter punches man at Buc-ee's,  Internet says 'needs some jail time' as video goes viral
Jason Lata (Denton Police Department)

Update: As reported by, 44-year-old Jason Lata was arrested on alleged charge of assault causing bodily injury late on October 3 night. The suspect is in Denton Jail with bail set at $15,000.

DENTON, TEXAS: Police informed that they are investigating an assault at a Buc-ee’s, captured on video on Saturday, October 3. As reported by CBS DWF, police said they responded to the incident at Buc-ee’s in the 2800 block of South I-35E around 12:40 pm. Reportedly, a victim informed the officers that he was assaulted by an unknown male.

As per police, the victim alleged that he and a friend came across a group of alleged President Donald Trump supporters and soon a verbal argument started. And during that incident, the victim was allegedly punched in the face by one of the supporters. According reports, police said officers noticed an abrasion below the victim’s right eyebrow and a broken tooth. Police said that they received the video of the incident that had been circulating on social media.

Frank Dixon, the chief of police, Denton Police Department, tweeted, “We are aware of an assault that occurred at Buccee’s in our city this afternoon. A report has been taken and detectives are conducting an investigation. If you have information, please call Denton Police at (940) 349-8181. The suspect is in the brown/red hat and black t-shirt.” In another tweet he said, “Because this was one of many meet-up locations in the DFW area, it is unknown at this time if the suspect is from Denton or surrounding area.”

Denton Police Department also tweeted: “Earlier today, Denton PD responded to an assault call at Bucc-ee’s in the 2800 block of S. I-35E. A report was taken, and investigators are following up. If you witnessed this incident, or have information or videos, please call 940-349-8181.”



Twitter was also buzzing with conversations after the incident. One user shared a video of the alleged assault and said, “Denton, TX help identify this guy.” Politician Russell Foster said, “Thank you Chief Dixon for staying on top of this & protecting the good people of Denton. I love the city & this person who assaulted that young man in no way represents their great city.”

A user said, “2 hours and 10 minutes later, this video has 2.5 million views and Denton is trending at #20. I think he will be quickly identified and arrested.”  Another user alleged, “What if this dude would have hit his head on the ground and died? Would it still be taking so long to find him? If it happened 7+ hours ago and the “brave officers” at Denton PD don’t even have a name yet, they aren’t trying hard enough.”  Another said, “I graduated from UNT in Denton. It's a great little, artsy college town (like a mini Austin). It's sad that it's getting negative, worldwide attention. Just know that MOST of the folks in Denton are not like this!” One commented, “He needs some jail time! While you're at it, investigate the whole lot of these violent thugs!” Yet another user commented, “I live in Denton...I get gas at that Bucees....this makes me soo sad.”








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