‘Going From Broke’ Season 1: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about financial reality show

Practical and insightful, ‘Going From Broke’ is a new reality series from executive producer Ashton Kutcher that deep dives into the student loan-crisis in America.

                            ‘Going From Broke’ Season 1: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about financial reality show

Every year, the student loan debt in the United States amounts to approximately $105 billion, and keeps on increasing, with most students being unable to pay it off. Shrinking employment opportunities and lack of right financial guidance, among a million other reasons, have pushed young grads down the spiral of never-ending debts. ‘Going From Broke’ takes a hard look at this severe crisis crippling students and the economy alike and helps people find a way out of the debt trap and achieve their dreams.

Release date

‘Going From Broke’ will start streaming on Crackle from Thursday, October 17, 2019.


Official poster of the show (IMDb)

Based in Los Angeles, the show takes you through real-life stories of LA-based young professionals from various walks of life, all grappling with debts. Led by two hosts, the show aims at course-correcting their financial habits, gain confidence, and take control on the expensive lifestyle of LA, so they can manage their debts and turn crisis situations into opportunities. Each of the participants are challenged with a customized ‘homework’, where every participant will have to lay down their savings, tax spends, bills, co-loans, and all possible kind of expenses that they incur every year. Each task is followed by further steps, which the participants have to complete in a specific time and manner.

The episodes will also feature valuable insights and financial guidance from leading experts like award-winning personal finance journalist Jean Chatzky and bestselling author and podcast reporter Farnoosh Tarobi.


Going from Broke: Behind the scenes with Obi Nwanko, Dan Rosenweig, and Danetha Doe, Season 1 Ep 1 (IMDb)

‘Going From Broke’ features Dan Rosenweig and Danetha Doe as the show hosts. Dan is the running CEO of Chegg, and has also been recognized as an executive producer to popular reality shows like 'Punk'd' (2003) and 'The Money Programme' (1966).

Finance expert Danetha is a Jamaican-Liberian-American finance journalist, serial entrepreneur, and television correspondent featured in Entrepreneur, Elle, Cosmopolitan and NBC. In the online world, she is famous for her financial lifestyle blog ‘Money & Mimosa’, where she writes for banks, FinTech companies and CPA firms.

Going From Broke: Behind the scenes with Obi Nwanko & MC Hammer.

Obi Nwanko stars in the first episode. Actor, fitness pro, and entrepreneur, Obi is recognized for his recent appearances in series like ‘Versus’ (2017), ‘Hit the Floor’ (2018), ‘Steve’ (2018), among many others. The future episodes will feature similar personalities from LA, each with their own stories to tell. As reported, you should also watch out for Ashton Kutcher who is all set to make an appearance in one of the episodes.


‘Going From Broke’ is co-produced by Matador Content and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. Ashton Kutcher, William J. Rouhana, and Michael Winter serve as the executive producers for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, while Todd Lubin, Jay Peterson, Joel Relampagos and Jerry Carita also serve as executive producers for Matador Content.


The trailer for the show was released on September 19.


Where to watch

The show will exclusively run on Crackle, Sony’s online streaming network, with the first season spread across 10 episodes of 30 minutes each.

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