World/Inferno Friendship Society's new single tempts its listeners with a tale of anarchy and a fugitive cat

World/Inferno Friendship Society has released a new single and have announced their new album releasing this January, 'All Borders are Porous to Cats'

                            World/Inferno Friendship Society's new single tempts its listeners with a tale of anarchy and a fugitive cat
World/Inferno Friendship Society (Source: Press Handout)

World/Inferno Friendship Society released their single 'Having A Double Life Is So Hard (But Obviously Something You Enjoy)' on January 9. The majestic track features an up-tempo piano score resembling a similar character to that of 'Queen' in its energy and style. The song ingeniously jumps from piano to acoustic guitar to strings to warped electric guitar to church organ and back to the pumped-up groove in a fraction a few bars, and these are just some of the variations featured in the song. It is a must-listen for those seeking music that doesn't conform and experiments with breaking rules of music.

The single is from their upcoming LP 'All Borders are Porous to Cats'. The album will release on January 17, 2020 via Alternative Tentacles.

World/Inferno Friendship Society tempts its listeners and invites you to decode its cryptic messages through divine usage of imagery, deploying themes of flashbacks, alternate realities, and drug/alcohol-induced delusions. The ska/punk rock dark cabaret 40-member mega-group appeal as entertainers, using music and humor as their devices and the new album has bucketloads of it.

World/Inferno are renowned for pushing the limits by using any and all boundaries of genre as their musical playground. With 'All Borders are Porous to Cats', we are only left to surmise that they sound like punk rock... or something around there.

Frontman Jack Terricloth has been the only constant member since the group's beginnings who's voice garbs an entertaining vampiric Dracula quality to it which truly manifests as the ambassador sound to the characteristics of the music. One can pick up traces of David Bowie in the tone of the vocals with similar ballad numbers on the album, apart from its wild jumps to fun and up-tempo songs which don't translate as rigid with any particular order.

'All Borders are Porous to Cats' cover art (Source: Press Handout)

The new album presents tales of fugitives, arson, larceny, perjury, drug addiction and freedom topped with elements of soul, funk, latin, polka, garnished by jazz and classical music, without mentioning its World/Inferno’s signature punk cabaret sound.

Three years in the making, four missed release dates, five lost band members, many a bridge burned, and a defamation lawsuit waiting to happen, The World /Inferno Friendship Society invites you to enjoy the fruits of their perpetual torment. Each song feels like a multi-coloured jigsaw puzzle or mystery waiting to be solved as the singer reaches out for a listener who can relate to matters possibly unrelatable.

The album follows Cat in the Hat (no relation to the Dr. Seuss character), an undocumented refugee who is framed for a crime and requires the assistance of a ragtag gang of miscreants, academics, orchestra-calibre musicians, and radical insurgents.

The album's release will come in tandem with the release of accompanying book 'One Smashed Window for Every Divided Soul', an illustrated combination tour journal and narrative exploration of Cat and his travails. The book acts as a companion piece to the album’s story, sifting through archival documents and fabulist accounts of the band’s East Coast tour of 2017. The band will be touring the east coast in January and the west coast in February.

Tour Dates

January 10 - Lola’s Trailerpark, Ft Worth, TX
January 11 - Dada, Dallas, TX
January 12 - The Mohawk, Austin, TX
January 13 - Secret Group, Houston, TX
January 14 - Santos, New Orleans, LA
January 16 - Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL
January 17 - Propaganda, West Palm Beach, FL
January 18 - Las Rosas, Miami, FL
January 19 - Archetype, Jacksonville, FL
January 20 - Bombs Away, Athens, GA
January 21 - The Earl, Atlanta, GA
January 22 - Local 506, Raleigh, NC
January 23 - Gallery 5, Richmond, VA
January 24 - The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
January 25 - Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA

February 06 - Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC*
February 07 - Highline Theater, Seattle, WA*
February 08 - Jazzbones, Tacoma, WA*
February 09 - Dante’s, Portland, OR*
February 10 - Gold Fields, Sacramento, CA*
February 11 - Metro, Oakland, CA*
February 12 - TBA, Los Angeles, CA*
February 13 - Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA*
February 14 - Club Red, Mesa, AZ*
February 15 - Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM*
February 16 - Blue Bird, Denver, CO*
February 17 - Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO*

*w/ Bridge City Sinners

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