Alien invasion? Conspiracy theorists have a field day after video claims to capture shot of unexplained white dots in the sky

Alien invasion? Conspiracy theorists have a field day after video claims to capture shot of unexplained white dots in the sky
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The video, which was captured at Deerfield Beach in Florida, USA, shows that one man saw strange things in the sky and what he claims to be a UFO sighting.

According to a report by Daily Star, Carlos, who filmed the event, confirmed that he could not see any aircraft or any other object in the sky before or after this phenomenon. The clip shows several white cotton ball like dots in the sky and they extend across the sky and tend to multiply as one sees in the video. They seem to appear of their own accord and change patterns several times.

After he posted the video clip online it was picked up by popular conspiracy theory channel MRMBB333 on YouTube, since it was uploaded on May 11, it has racked up more than 53,000 hits.  And viewers were quick to speculate what it could be.


One comment read: "In 53 years I have never seen something so strange." And another added: "We are becoming a massive drive-in theatre for aliens." And a third even claimed: "Looks like an invasion fleet coming out of a portal. I have seen this before." 

In the comment section, an argument started over the phenomenon and one comment read, "Jesus... you guys are nuts, fighting over a simple air show footage saying its ufo demons etc... the guy who filmed the video... this Carlos dude, he lying and making you people fight over s**t... you are the ones that look like demons fighting and raging... don't use the name of God to back up your arguments"

While one comment had rather an unconventional explanation, "I believe the forming cotton balls are in a sense the same thing that Ezekiel spoke of about the "wheels" we're so close now, and the fallen are anxious to bring their deception upon mankind. But of course this is only what I believe, it helps to have discernment and the HOLY SPIRIT to show what is truth..good day God bless"


On April 30th the conspiracy theorists went haywire over the apparent appearance of TR-3B UFO taken over Finland.

Recently, Twitter feeds have been full of reportage of such unexplained sightings. Most of them claim that it could be a UFO.  Sam Monfort a blogger has been detailing how the number of UFO sightings is at an all-time high according to data with him. Most of the videos or images that conspiracy theorists or alien hunters claim to provide have been debunked by experts, yet believers in the extraterrestrial life are not willing to count their evidence as fake.

As recent as April, this year, The Daily Mail reported how UFO hunters were claiming that they spotted 'an uncloaking UFO'. The footage showed bright lights flashing on the International Space Station's live feed. The video was posted by Belgium-based YouTube channel UFO Today and shows a live broadcast of the spaceship on April 14, 2018.


While some were of the belief that the phenomenon must have been huge and was happening under the ISS at some distance. Other theorists were convinced it was a mammoth alien craft about 300 meters in diameter and could fly from the Earth to the moon in less than a minute.

However, experts poured water on this theory saying that the lights were simply reflections or lens flare from the camera.

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