'Alice in Borderland': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's manga series

Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya co-star in 'Alice in Borderland' playing characters who are driven by an intense desire to live amid the most extreme of circumstances

                            'Alice in Borderland': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's manga series

It is no secret that Netflix has some of the best anime on its platform. With a new series this December, the streaming platform is also bringing us a manga adaptation. Based on the popular Japanese suspense manga series, 'Alice in Borderland' ('Imawa no Kuni no Arisu') is a live-action adaptation of the same name and features Tokyo as you have never seen before.

The manga follows the story of Arisu, Karube and Segawa, a trio of high school delinquents who are bored with their current lives. There will be a few changes with respect to the live-action series. Read on to know more about the Netflix series.

Release date

All eight episodes of the first season of 'Alice in Borderland' will be available to stream on Netflix on Thursday, December 10, at 12 am PST.


The official synopsis from Netflix states: "Arisu — a listless, jobless and videogame-obsessed young man — suddenly finds himself in a strange, emptied-out version of Tokyo in which he and his friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive. In this strange world, Arisu meets Usagi, a young woman who’s navigating the games alone. Together, they set out to unravel one mystery after another as they risk their lives and confront what it means to live."

The description for the original manga series states: "Arisu, Karube, and Segawa, a trio of highschool delinquents, are bored with their current lives. During a firework celebration, Arisu wishes that he could live in a different world which would be more exciting for him. As such, his wish was granted, and the three were transported into a seemingly post-apocalyptic-like parallel world. After stepping into what seems to be an empty festival, they are greeted by a woman who tells them that they have already "entered their game". After clearing the game, she reveals to them that, in Borderland, they must play games to survive."


Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya co-star in 'Alice in Borderland', playing characters who are driven by an intense desire to live amidst the most extreme of circumstances. After working with director Shinsuke Sato on the film 'Kingdom '(2019), Yamazaki teams up with him again, bringing life to the role of Arisu by tapping into the many acting skills he has cultivated across varied performances. Arisu wasted away his days without any goal in life until he is forced into a dire situation in a strange world, where his latent observational and decision-making skills blossom.

Performing with Yamazaki for the fourth time, Tsuchiya was tapped to play the role of Usagi, a young woman who at first took on “games” alone. Her silent strength supports Arisu, who is overly sensitive and tends to lose direction. Exhibiting her incredible athletic abilities for this role, Tsuchiya projects Usagi’s will to continue searching for the meaning of life in any dire situation.

Other characters featured include the mysterious Chishiya (Nijiro Murakami) who quickly notices the unusual skills Arisu and Usagi possess. He is an intellectual who emits an aura of calm, in stark contrast to Arisu. Office worker Chota (Yuki Morinaga) and bartender Karube (Keita Machida) have been friends with Arisu since high school.


'Alice in Borderland' is based on a survival and thriller manga (originally published in Weekly Shonen Sunday S / Weekly Shonen Sunday) by Haro Aso, directed by Shinsuke Sato.





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