Who is Alfredo Rivera? Spoof video of flight attendant who duct-taped Maxwell Berry goes viral

The comedian, masquerading as Alfredo Rivera, said, 'Sometimes our job has us attending to crazy people. If you push us too far, you’re going to have to attend this arse whooping'

                            Who is Alfredo Rivera? Spoof video of flight attendant who duct-taped Maxwell Berry goes viral
Maxwell Berry and comedian 'The Real Spark' portraying Alfredo Rivera (Miami-Dade County Corrections, YouTube)

After an Ohio man named Maxwell Berry went viral over the last few days for his unruly behavior on a Frontier Airlines flight, everyone started applauding the flight attendant who subdued Berry and duct-taped him to a seat on the plane. So when a spoof video of the flight attendant emerged online, everyone thought it was the real deal. However, in reality, it was a spoof video made by the comedian who goes by the name 'The Real Spark.'

"I’m a flight attendant, that means I attend the flights," the comedian masqueraded as Alfredo Rivera was heard saying. "Sometimes our job has us attending to crazy people. If you push us too far, you’re going to have to attend this arse whooping." Describing 32-year-old Berry, the fake Rivera said, "This man smelt like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, four shots of Everclear alcohol and regret, so I know something was about to go down."


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He went on to describe how Berry started spitting and touching his co-worker’s breasts. "So what I did, is took out the duct tape," he said. "He got scared and started to stutter, 'Hold up, wait a minute. Something ain’t right.' I said, 'Yeah, we’re about to mummify your arse now boy.' So, we wrapped him up better than any Christmas present you ever see." The interview video was originally posted on TikTok. The Real Spark then posted the video on Twitter where it instantly went viral and on YouTube where, at the time of writing this article, had garnered a little over a million views.

Who is Alfredo Rivera?

Not much is known about Alfredo Rivera, except the fact that after the spoof video went viral, he is being hailed as the "hero." He is said to have saved the day after Berry got drunk on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31 and proceeded to grope female flight attendants. After he yelled at a female flight staff when she confronted him regarding his behavior, Rivera went up to him to talk. 


In one video of the incident, Berry is seen throwing a punch at Rivera after which the flight attendant physically subdued him and restrained him to his seat using duct tape. Unable to move, Berry kept on yelling "help! help!" through the little he could speak from the duct tape covering half of his mouth. However, none of the passengers stepped forward to help him or had any objection to him being restrained after his bad behavior. After the video went viral on Twitter, Berry's behavior was again heavily criticized, while Rivera was praised. 


However, there was also some confusion regarding Rivera's name as the person who shot the video of Berry -- reportedly another passenger on the flight -- was also named Alfredo Rivera. An image of the incident shared by Reuters is credited to him. He was interviewed by Local 10, telling the outlet: "[Berry] started to get aggressive and basically attack the male flight attendants." It is wholly possible that the flight attendant and the passenger shared the same name. 

'Alfredo Rivera tells wild a** story of duct taping'

Not realizing that Rivera in the viral interview was actually a comedian, people started hailing Rivera's comic skills and his ability to tell a story. "A hero has emerged for this bleak era, and his name is Alfredo Rivera," one of them said, while another wrote, "How do I sign up to have Alfredo Rivera as my flight attendant on all future flights?!" A third commented, "Flight attendant Alfredo Rivera tells wild ass story of duct taping that crazed passenger on plane." The next remarked, "Give Alfredo Rivera whatever he wants for having to step in and deal with that shit." One more noted, "Please give Alfredo Rivera his own show (and make him the Chief FAA administrator)."

Another quipped, "Good morning. Happy Friday to Alfredo Rivera ONLY. Amazing flight attendant that duct taped asshole passenger to his seat. Rivera knew the guy was trouble cause he smelled like 'packs of Marlboro cigarettes, Everclear alcohol and regret'. #morningjoe #AlfredoRivera." One more said, "Alfredo Rivera is the greatest storyteller of our time." A commenter tweeted, "Alfredo Rivera’s Pulitzer is already in the post." One more wrote, "Alfredo Rivera needs his own show, now." Another chimed in, saying, "Alfredo Rivera is the hero we all want to be - and our reaction to the last 18 months. Give him a medal, his own TV series and a new roll of duct tape!" A person reacted with, "Alfredo Rivera is the missing member of The Suicide Squad. I calls him Duct Tape! Give this man his job back & a raise!"






















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