Who is Alexus Whilby? Todd Chrisley's ex-daughter-in-law claims he pressured her to 'lie for him' in court

Who is Alexus Whilby? Todd Chrisley's ex-daughter-in-law claims he pressured her to 'lie for him' in court
Alexus Whilby (L) has accused Todd Chrisley (R) of pressuring her to lie in her court testimony (Alexus Whilby/Facebook and Frederick M Brown/Getty Images)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Todd Chrisley, a disgraced reality TV star, attempted to intimidate the "informants" he held responsible for revealing his financial fraud and put pressure on family members to make false statements under oath in order to save his skin. These are some of the accusations made by Todd’s former daughter-in-law Alexus ‘Lexie’ Whilby who formerly wed the reality star's son, Kyle.

Todd, 53, and wife Julie Chrisley, 49, were found guilty on numerous counts of tax evasion, making false loans and wire fraud in a $30 million scheme that lasted more than ten years. They were sentenced to a combined 19 years in jail. The 31-year-old Alexus, also known as Lexie, expressed her relief to Daily Mail that justice has been carried out and described the immense pressure Todd put on her as he tried to find out if she had tipped him off and then forced her to utter a falsehood when she refused. “During the time when Kyle and I were still married, Todd had his attorneys come to my place of business, to my home, and threaten legal action, trying to pressure me to sign this legal document saying I was not an official informant, all in a bid to find out if I was,” she told Daily Mail.


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TV personalities Todd Chrisley (L) and Julie Chrisley attend the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards at Toshiba Plaza on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
TV personalities Todd Chrisley (L) and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to 19 years of combined prison term for tax fraud (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

“He was trying to put me in the light of being the one who had done the damage [to him and Julie]. He was trying to smoke me out and then have me change everything around. Lie for him. That's what it was about, that's what he wanted us to do. I could see how that pressure could make you fold, but I stood on, ‘No, I'm not going to do it.’ I stood up for what was right, and he came for me big time.” For six years, Lexie was married to Kyle Chrisley, 32, Todd’s child from his first marriage. “I always knew that justice would one day prevail after years of being silent,” she said. “Finally, through the legal system, and a very long time coming, 12 jurors were able to uncover the real Todd Chrisley, the one I have encountered for years.”

Lexie claims that the humiliating reality star was an aggressive bully who used his authority to force family members to adhere to his wishes as he projected an image of himself that was founded on the principles of parental control, extravagant expenditure and Christian values. “There were a lot of victims that they silenced [over the years] and even the prosecution noted when [Todd and Julie] used the tactic of trying to bring in family members to corroborate their stories and risk perjury – the word perjury was actually used by the prosecution,” she told Daily Mail.

He allegedly exerted pressure on possible witnesses, including Lexie, to testify in favor of him. “Both Kyle and I spoke to the state that's no secret. And we were both truthful, but after Kyle got back with his daddy, he wanted to change everything he said. I was under pressure to do the same and when I didn't that's when he [Todd] went crazy.” Lexie claimed she received abuse because she refused Todd’s demands and "did the right thing" after he called her "a fame-seeking wh**e" in a tweet. “I divorced Kyle, I was the one who walked away from that family and told the truth. If I was a gold digger or fame seeking wh**e, I wouldn't have stood up for what was right,” Lexie added.

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