Alexandria Roy: Woman, 26, hits back at trolls slamming her for giving same middle name to children

Alexandria Roy: Woman, 26, hits back at trolls slamming her for giving same middle name to children
Mother who went viral on TikTok for sharing same middle name with partner and children hit back at trolls (Screenshot from @alexxroyaa/TikTok)

Alexandria Roy, a 26-year-old pregnant mother-of-three, who went viral on TikTok after revealing all members of her immediate family share the same middle name, recently clapped back at trolls on social media. In a video shared on TikTok, she responded to a critic who said her children “have no individuality with the same name.” “Since it's only the middle name that is the same, they definitely have their own identities. I just thought it was cute,” Roy said.

“They won't hate me when they are older, I hope,” the TikToker added in her caption. Back in February, she hit back at another troll who called her “stupid” for giving her children the same middle name. In response to the comment, Roy posted a video lip-syncing, “I don't care.” The caption of her post read “Let me enjoy the name my kids' dad, myself and our kids share.” Roy shares the middle name, “Lauren,” with her boyfriend Deven, and their three children, Scarlett Lauren and Sapphire Lauren, and Maverick Lauren.


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‘It’s just the middle names guys'

When Roy first shared the unique family tradition, several people were left confused thinking she shared the same first name with her partner and her three children. However, the TikTok star soon clarified in the comments that the family only shares their middle name together. “It’s just the middle names guys, I had to look it up lol,” one person wrote on TikTok in response to Roy. “Pretty common. I was worried it was all the same first names,” added another.


One user mentioned, “We're talking about middle names here. I don't get the problem. My middle name has been passed down four generations” while another shared, “My siblings and I all have the same names but the only difference is the first.” The name “Lauren” was traditionally a male name having Latin and French origins, but it is currently considered to be unisex. In the contemporary US, the name has been more commonly given to girls, the Daily Mail noted. There are 60.02 people named Lauren for every 100,000 Americans, as per MyNameStats. However, that does not account for middle names.

‘It was meant to be’

In a video shared on Instagram, Roy revealed how she and her partner, Deven, discovered they shared the same middle name. “Deven thought I was messing with him when we first started dating and I told him we had the same middle name. He said, ‘Are you making fun of me?’ because the name is considered a girl's name. I said absolutely not [and] that I wasn’t lying!”



“So we said it was meant to be and if we ever had kids we would pass down the middle name to them too [and] that’s exactly what we did, 7 years later, 3 kids in,” she added explaining the reason behind her family moniker. The expectant mother of three also mentioned in one of her videos that she would pass down the common middle name to her unborn child.

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 Woman hits back at trolls slamming her for giving same middle name to children