'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2: The BFFs start their senior year with a ton of mischief and detention

They relived all their first-day fun and traditions that they missed across their school life including crashing the freshman pizza party

                            'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2: The BFFs start their senior year with a ton of mischief and detention

Alexa and Katie are seniors now. Katie was very excited to go back to school as a senior, so much so that she even saw a dream about dancing in the school hall to 'Lush Life' by Zara Larsson with Alexa and everyone else. However, her dream was interrupted by the alarm clock but the enthusiasm stayed. She then climbed into Alexa's room to wake her up for senior year only to find her unbothered and still in bed.

It was also Alexa's mother Jennifer Cooper's first day at school. She had been hired as a counselor and in a completely opposite display of behavior as her daughter Katie, Jennifer was a ball of nerves and she even gave her son Jack an almost unfixable haircut. Alexa's mother Lori talked some calmness into her after which she was off to her first day at work.

At the school, Katie could still not contain her excitement and Alexa noted that she was unusually "amped up". The former mentioned that she didn't want to waste any second of her senior year not having fun. She tried to have her other friends involved in having fun and decorating the Douglas Wellard statue as part of a prank. She came armed with a feather boa, shaving cream and Bozo's nose but they passed up the offer but not before them noting that they miss the days that they were not a part of her friend group.

Alexa and Katie go through with the plan even though the fear of Principal Trugly and her wrath looms large over them and they have a lot of fun while doing so. While doing all that the best friends also share an emotional moment where Katie tells her that she wants this day to be perfect because they did miss a lot of tradition and fun across their school life. 

They first begin by crashing the Frosh-Nosh, a traditional freshman pizza party at Kennedy High which they had to miss in their time because they were suspended. They had managed to gel well at the party but had to duck away shortly after as Trugly made an entry but at least they got their pizza slices. Next was the wish lanterns but the sprinklers were set into motion as they left their lanterns unattended. Trugly turned up on-site and awarded them with week-long detention. They were in trouble but were in it together and in a fitting end to their day, they danced in the hall, just like Katie's dream.

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